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Friday, July 15, 2011

Diamonds are a girls best....No wait - Playdates are a girls best friend!

Photo credits: Jenna - Check out that editing!

Yesterday we had a wonderful playdate with a few of the ladies from the ole' alma mater {well, the one prior to CSUF, so MVHS} who are also new moms! Including Carter, there were three boys and one little lady, a combo which has proven to be quite successful. They all got along wonderfully, and it gave us mamas a chance to catch up and tell our latest funny stories about the little ones. 

The craziest part of the afternoon? All four of us and our mini's ate a civilized meal at Rubio's after the park! Can you imagine? Now just picture this: three toddler boys and one nine-month-old baby girl eating peacefully at a restaurant with their awesome moms by their side! Incredible! It was amazing. We are all very proud of our kiddos for making it through the meal unscathed, and I can say with confidence that Rubio's has not seen the last of us! 

Here are some more photos, all compliments of Jenna
Carter and Brooklynn, being precious as usual

My baby :)

This was a big deal! They all sat down together.......

........and stayed together for a few pictures! 

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