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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Here's to What I Wore Wednesday Week Number Two! 
"Keeping me accountable one outfit at a time."
- big, over-exaggerated winky face - 
{Well, at least for a few hours out of maybe a few days....Slowly but surely, I say, slowly but surely}

So what day of the week was graced with my gettin' ready?
Sunday at the......
Farmer's Market!

{Some back story to this get-up: I woke up to rain, therefore I thought it was going to be cold. That sounds like a logical deduction, right? Well, no. It was humid as all heck and I wanted to skin myself about 20 minutes into our first trip to market. But had it actually been cold, I would have loved sporting my man flannel, and straight-out-of-the-corral boots}

{Take a look at that confident woman, striding forward as if she's not sweating like creep-o}

Okay, okay, here's a straight forward picture.....I just really like that "hey babe, take a picture of me as I walk down this aisle" action......
There we were, breathing in the healthy scents of the outdoors.....wanting to die of heat stroke......At least Carter looked chipper!

Oh! And there's me being a knowledgeable-farmer's-market-shopper. "Oh, hello, and what do you have here? These avocados look like they could rival even my own!" {I was referring to my pretend organic garden}

"Oh, hello there, hair-that-takes-longer-than-two-seconds-to-complete. How I've missed you."

Yay, massive balloon. There I was trying to energetically chase after Carter.....


So here are the facts:

Flannel: I got this baby from my friend Kelly who works for a super awesome surf company I don't know the name of {sorry, Kelly!}. Anyway, I love that thing, and yes, it is an actual boy's shirt, which makes it way cooler because I am being trendy and androgynous. Woo!

Jeans: Forever 21 from way way way before the pregnancy years.

Boots: Christmas present from my man!

In the end, although I was about to lose it from the heat and humidity, I loved my outfit. The main point was that I put it together with some actual thought, and I straightened my hair.
Let's just take a second and give it up for done hair.
Hair that is done?
What a concept!

Link up, baby!

pleated poppy


  1. You look so stylin - but yes HOT! Loved your pics. :)

  2. Those boots are fabulous and compliment the jeans and flannel shirt perfectly - rock on mama!

  3. You are too funny.. you looked good_ & yes it. :)

  4. damn girl you sexyyyy. i'd tap that. haha don't tell chad or curtis. dude, i miss you.. we need to live in the same state!

  5. Thanks everybody! Yeah, it was way too hot.. yuck. Never again, never again!


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