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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I think I look forward to this day in blog-o-land with borderline
unhealthy excitement.
But who can blame me, though?!
It's none other than the hip-beyond-all-doubt, 
outrageously sassy-beyond-all-sassy
What I Wore Wednesday!
That's right!
Gone are the yoga pants!
Banished are the sports bras!
Retrieved is the make-up from the dungeons!
{Well, let's hope, anyway.....}

This week we did something so out of step with our usual routine,
it deserve's it's own What I Wore feature, all by itself.

Say what?
Yep! Grandma Cisneros offered to host the little man for the night, 
and since Chad had leftover Disney Dollars from a recent
award he won at work {yeah, I'm shamelessly bragging},
we decided to put them to good use and go to dinner
at none other than the Happiest Place on Earth.

{While there, we learned a few very valuable lessons: 
a) D-Land is not the place for lame cameras, and
b) taking pictures at night with lame cameras is not a good idea}

Anyway! Here's what I wore
On Date Night:
Uh-uh-uh check out that walk-away-action, along with that 
super-mom-stance, and who can discount
the old-fashioned-back-of-your-head-shot?!

Man, I wish that picture of the left was better quality.
{How many times do you think I could say that
before annoying even myself?}
And then there on the right I was about to enjoy the world's
largest cinnamon bun right before fireworks.

Shirt: Given to me by my sister {who's style is beyond}

Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Christmas present from my man
{Yeah, these are the same ones from last week,
but this time the weather was considerably more appropriate}

Link up, baby!

pleated poppy


  1. I still love those boots. Just sayin'


  2. Yeah, those boots are phenomenal.

  3. You are too cute!! Ok, I'm totally thinking about joining this link up party...but not today (as I sit here in my sweat shorts and tank top with my showered wet head :))

    I think I'll start next week :)

  4. Disney dates are so fun! Love your boots. :)


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