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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday Work Edition!

So I have an awesome job.
I work a whopping two days per week at a perfect little place called Purebarre,
where seats get lifted and tummies get toned!
{Nice plug, eh?}

Anyway, there are a few awesome perks to this here gig:
a) buying work-out clothes is a tax right-off for us,
b) buying said clothes is a super fun activity.
{You know it's true!}

So I feel it only fitting to show off one of my favorite outfit combos of all time,
none other than a Lululemon beaut.
Thar she blows! 
Isn't she cute?
She was my very first serious work-out gear purchase.
And I love her.

And of course I was just forced to include this creepy beyond creepy, I'm staring into your soul, 6:30 am photo.
Because who knows? That overly perky, non-morning person might come back and haunt me in my sleep or something.

But guess what?
I can barely wear the beaut now that the baby bump has become significantly more pronounced since this picture was taken.
It's a sad day.
But I know she'll be there waiting for me when I'm back to my kickin' self.

Oh, how I love Lululemon wear!
And all work-out gear for that matter.

And don't forget to enter the Double Day GIVEAWAY!
Today is the last day you can enter, you sassy lady, you!

And I'll be linking up here, as always, because she is the best:
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  1. lol this post is too cute. I love that top nonetheless! Wish I was that perky at 6:30 am, haha!

  2. how fun! I have one on the way too, so it will be a while before my workout clothes see any action! Congrats! You look a lot better at 6:30 am, than I do! Stopping by from WIWW

  3. Okay. So, now I want to know what kind of exercise you recommend for pregnant women. I run daily and lift weights (pretty intensely) twice a week. This is the first month the Mister and I will TTC and I am wondering, if I get knocked up, should I lighten up on the weights?

  4. LOVE the workout shirt! You're so cute! LOVE your blog too! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to come stop by my blog sometime! Have a great day!


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