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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, okay, the documentation of this week's outfits are scant at best,
but hey!
That's just what happens when you're about to launch a precious beyond precious SHOP 
and you have tons upon tons of happy patterns to sew up into magnificent little beauties!
{And a kitchen table which needs refinishing AND good clean-up}

But anyway,
let's check out the few outfits I do have for week 22 of Babe #2!

First, the good ole' fashioned
I-Haven't-Showered-Yet-Today Outfit
{Or more commonly known to many as the I-Haven't-Washed-My-Hair-In-A-Decade Get-Up}

Overshirt: Purebarre apparel

Undershirt: Target work-out gear

Shorts: dare I even say it? Reminiscent of the ole' high school song leading days. 
{I can't even write it without cringing}

Flip Flops: $2 at Ralphs
{You know you've committed the same crime at some low point in your life, too!}

An outfit I'm proud of!
I felt like the coolest pregnant lady on the block because not only was the hair straightened, but the bump was making me smile.
Okay, enough.
{But really, super happy about this one}

Cardigan: H&M

Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Target maternity

Sandals: Target

There you have it!
Now I've got to high-tail it over to that kitchen table of mine to make a dent in all that gloriousness!

I'll be linking up at:
pleated poppy
{Because she is wonderful}


  1. Loved the commentary! :) Your baby bump is precious too! :)

  2. I'm with ya! It's a miracle when I actually look cute for the day! ha! And I also have a cup of coffee in hand at all times it seems. =) New follower from Pleated Poppy!

  3. HI! New follower found you on Pleated Poppy!

  4. so your "in a rush" outfits...mine are usually sweatpants and a shirt with who knows what on it! :)

    stopping by from pleated poppy



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