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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So I didn't take ONE PICTURE at the Vegas wedding we attended this last weekend.
Not one.
{Very sad face}.
And I wasn't able to take even one normal looking picture because we've been running around like maniacs around here, but guess what?
I, like a crazy person, went searching for a picture of those sexy maternity jeans I bought at that blessed outlet, and I couldn't be prouder to post these babies.
{operative word there being "sexy"}

Anyway, here are the stats:
Original price of jeans: $210
{Who the hell would buy a $210 pair of anything that they will only wear for a handful of months?}
Outlet price: $60
{Well, actually $59.99, but who's counting?}
Anyway, after slipping these puppies over my 24 week bump, I almost yelled out loud
Holy shit!
like a crazy, pregnant psycho from my dressing room.
{Excuse my french}
Then, when I walked out to show Chad, he said the words,
Hey! Those are sexy!
And that was it.
When your man says the words Those.Are.Sexy in that order,
you know you must purchase.
So I did.
And here they are:
Except I bought the denim colored jeans.
Okay, listen. I don't mean to be crass, but can we take a look at that crotch area!
These babies make you look like an actual normal human being down there, not some deranged flotation device!

And while we're being inappropriate, why not comment on the fact that these things actually show off your behind?
One of the many fears of maternity clothes I had during my first pregnancy was the fact that all of a sudden I would have no bootay due to horrendous tailoring, but low and behold, these jeans
No joke.

So I think the message here is clear: If you're pregnant, buy these jeans. If you're thinking of becoming pregnant, buy these jeans. Your bank account will hate you {if you don't shop at a Pea in the Pod outlet}, but your behind will love you.

Anyway, I wore these jeans for the first time today with some cute slip-ons and a precious beyond precious striped, maternity, hooded jersey shirt.

Boo for no picture.

Yay for sexy maternity jeans!

I'll be linking up here:
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  1. So what I'm hearing better save these for me when I get pregnant so I can borrow them :)

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to get my gift in the mail!

  3. Um, those don't even look real. I will definitely have to have some!

  4. So fun, thanks for sharing! When I'm pregnant, I'm buying these babies!

  5. So where'd u get those bad boys? A normal outlet or a maternity outlet??


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