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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

You know what?
SBM keeps me in check, that's for darn sure.
Since my downfall into I-feel-horrible-because-I'm-in-my-third-trimester land,
productivity around these parts has taken a nose dive.
But not this week!
This week has been the complete opposite!

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Okay, let's get going!

Hi, 28-week-old baby!
Ahh, to love the shirt you're wearing while extremely large pregnant.
Is there any better feeling?
I don't think so.
{Except maybe holding that little bundle of joy....Yeah, that's a teensy bit better}

Shirt: Destination Maternity Outlet

Pants: Destination Maternity Outlet {A Pea in the Pod}

Sandals: Target

This was another feel-good outfit.
We took a little drive down South for my mother-in-law's birthday party.
It was nice to take a mini road trip with my boys.
Have I ever mentioned that my husband is a genius? More on that to come.

Hair: straightened! {Can you believe it?!}

Cardigan: Old Navy Outlet

Undershirt: Two Friends Boutique

White shirt: Forever 21

Flats: Love D

Necklace: Target

Ahh, the pumpkin patch.
We had so much fun, especially since that entire day I had not changed out of my pj's until right before we left.
I know. Shameful.
But anyway, I felt extra awesome in this get-up.

Shirt/Dress: Target

Leggings: Forever 21

Boots: Christmas present from my man {Target though, I think}

And even though there's a fair amount of lint on that shirt and the picture quality is horrendous, I thought I should add this baby in for good measure.
I have absolutely no clue what I was doing that day, but man, am I glad I got dressed!

Shirt and jeans: Destination Maternity Outlet

Flats: Love D

So there you have it!
A feel-good week full of awesomeness.
Linking up here, because she's awesome.
pleated poppy

Okay, so here's the deal people:

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* We only have ONE MORE Heavy-Hitter for this fabulous thing we call Small Business Month! {Tear}. Seriously though, this one is going to be ridiculously amazing {I know I've said that for, but for reals}. I kind of want to do a back flip just thinking about it.

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Here's tomorrow's LINK UP CHALLENGE #6!
since we have written out our goals like a Fortune 500 CEO would, what has been holding you back from executing those goals? Time? Sales force? Capital? Equipment? A lack of networking opportunities? 
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{ie.-remember that horrible outfit you wore in that picture you pulled out from under your bed? Yeah, in HINDSIGHT that probably was not such a great idea.......See what I mean!}

So excited to see what you have!
Grab a button!


See you tomorrow!


  1. so cute!!! you have the cutest little bump. Love that striped cardigan and your blog


  2. Cute! I like the 2nd one best. I'm 21 weeks, so I'll probably be clicking on you every week if you keep linking to WIWW!


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