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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Yikes, this week has been a bit of a whirlwind, so I only have one outfit.......And it's the outfit I wore when I took my little man for a
But you know what?
I love it! My man's family got it for me for Christmas before we were married, and since Purebarre calls for some gosh darn amazing workout gear, it fits perfectly into my weekly wardrobe!

Anyway, here we are at 29 weeks!
 {Photo quality = horrendous. Bad lighting, what can ya do?}

Ahh, those pants. When you're jogging.....ahem......or you know, walking along at a leisurely pace, it feels like you have nothing on. Sound weird? It's wonderful

Short sleeved jacket/pants: BeBe Sport 

Undershirt: some miserable buy from Target
{my answer to the mysterious post delivery lifestyle for Babe #1? Buy something cotton and hideous}

Shoes: Payless, baby! 
{from the ole' college "I want to take a kick boxing class" days}

And you want to hear something terrible?
Those little white flecks showing up on the black of my jacket?
{That's not lint}
{Housework was one thing I opted out of once Babe #2 came along}


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  1. You're so tiny for 29 weeks! I need a pair of like that, maybe one day I'll actually spend some money on workout clothes so I can look more "professional" like you. :)

  2. My DIL is an instructor for Pure Barre. Shewas just in the new DVD. Do you go to the classes or are you an instructor. You are tiny for 29 weeks.

  3. love your blog! so cute. and you are adorable preggers! xo

  4. So cute! and ya gotta be comfy when you are preggers! You look great! Love your blog :)

  5. You look adorable even in workout gear! No fair :)


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