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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday!

This week I took a bajillion pictures, so I thought I would have a solid amount of WIWW goodies to show off, but alas, I only have two outfits, one of which was worn on Halloween.
{at least my Instafriday post will be ridiculously awesome!}
Anyway, let's get ME out of the way so we can move on to what my Babe wore for his SECOND HALLOWEEN!
Okay, here goes:

{a little family trip down to Newport to walk around the Balboa Fun Zone} 

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shirts: Given to me by my sister

Jeans: Destination Maternity Outlet {A Pea in the Pod}

Sandals: Target

{the one photo I have of my outfit on Halloween night!}

Okay, so here's the good stuff!
{Really quickly though: I'm starting to look stump-like. Don't even try to tell me that I'm not, because I know it's true. Oh, well.....Rounding the 30 WEEK BEND will do that to you!}

Sweater: H&M

Shirt: Given to me by my sister {what else is new?}

Jeans: Destination Maternity Outlet 

Boots: Target

{picture overload ahead}
 {my babe, being a silly-billy}

 {hello, one of my new favorites}

{he was waiting patiently for us to get the heck out of my parent's house and heave-ho up the street}

 {the boots! the shirt! I.Died.}


 {cousin Tessa who was also a pirate! we didn't even plan it!}

{daddy checking to make sure that 3 Musketeers contains no peanuts....which of course, it did.}
if you have a baby with a peanut allergy, just think about this: even though your child will probably never be able to eat an ounce of Halloween candy, you will have the only kiddo on the block who's excited to donate their loot to the kids at the hospital, because they will never know anything else! Genius, right? 
- that is, of course, after you pick through it and keep your favorites.... -

Anyway, it was a great Halloween, even though I was exhausted for most of it.
My Babe looked glorious, my man was dashing after his long day of work, and the Cisneros's and Paplia's were joys as usual. And the best part of the night? Carter actually LIKED wearing that outfit! I was scared he would absolutely loathe the thing, especially that way-too-large belt and the head pieces, but it turns out we have a good Halloween-er on our hands. 
{The only bump in the road we experienced was me showing him himself in the mirror once he was in full regalia: NOT A GOOD IDEA. He started saying, "ALL DONE! ALL DONE!" and then cried for a few minutes, but then it was all good. Ahh, the cuteness!}

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL and SAFE Halloween out there!

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  1. ARGHHH!!! Great costume! He looked so cute!

    Looks like you had a great Halloween.

  2. It was my little man's first Halloween trick or treating and instead of saying trick or treat at the door, he said, "Happy Birthday." It was priceless! Cutest pirate ever!!!

  3. Ah! Cute boy! My little one had his first halloween and while we didn't take him trick or treating it was fun to dress him up! And your outfit looks real comfy! I just love comfort!

    I'm doing a giveaway featuring shabby apple, so if you want, stop by and check it out!

  4. cutest little pirate! Balboa fun zone... I miss that place! I grew up in So Cal (:

  5. I cannot get over how adorable these pictures are!!!! Halloween through little ones eyes is the best!! Can't wait till my sister pops out a little one so I can join in on that fun!

  6. Cute!! I love your belly! ;) I am close to the halfway mark (16 weeks)...congratulations!! :) Popping over from WIWW! ;)

  7. Oh those pirates! I have to say, that red tanktop is super cute in the first photo. I love the simplicity of something like that but wow it just pops. I need one now.

  8. That is seriously the cutest little pirate costume!


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