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Friday, April 5, 2013

Being girls!

Kota hates accessories with every fiber of her body. The day we brought her home from the hospital wearing her beanie of flowery over-the-topness? Oh yeah, she ripped it off with her own two-day-old bare hands! Shoes? Forget it. Bows? Ha! Hats? Yeah right, it's not happening sista.

But today (TODAY!), what did my little missy do while the three of us were lying around on the floor reading books? She tottled over to her and big brother's closet, ripped open the sliding door, grabbed her basket of hair do-dads and then brought them to me. Just when I thought this was some random act of the "here Mom, check this out" kind, she turned around, went back to the closet, grabbed that little black shoe, then sat down and tried to put it on! SHE TRIED TO PUT A SHOE ON THE FOOT WHICH HAS WORN LESS SHOES IN HER 15 MONTHS OF LIFE THAN I HAVE WINDEXED MY MIRRORS IN THE LAST MONTH! Yes! Once she figured out that she couldn't do it herself, she scooted over to me to put it on the right way! Then she got the corresponding shoe and we put it on THE OTHER FOOT! Yes, today she wore shoes on both feet!

Next, Carter cracked into her adorable sock collection that literally has never seen the light of day because I've given up trying to put them on. She took off her shoe, which I thought meant the end of our I-can't-believe-she's-actually-wearing-those-things-willingly date, then signaled for me to put the socks on her! After doing it, all while trying to keep my cool, she wanted me to put the shoes back on! Yes!

So. All while wearing socks AND shoes AT THE SAME TIME, WILLINGLY (!!!), she re-found the basket of bows and headbands she had brought over to me to begin with, and then we started the REAL girling-out moments (with Carter involved, no less):
Can you believe this actually happened? I CAN'T! Not only was my DAUGHTER excited for something girly, but she wanted me to participate! And this was all her idea! Anyway, it made me feel less bad about offering her one of Carter's Hot Wheels as consolation items in times of fits!

Oh, to be girly!!!
 Look at that mane of hair!
 More girliness: her princess books!
 "Give the camera a kiss!"
 I love our new play room/office!
 Usual night time activity, I believe.
 My loves.

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