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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Funday: To market we go!

{Just a little perk of gettin' to market on a Sunday}

Another Sunday Funday has shown us a great time.
Today was so gosh darn nice, I wish that all of Chad's days off could be similar.
This morning we finally went to a.....
Farmer's Market!

That's right! We joined the masses and gave it a shot. Turns out, the majority of Americans have gotten it right: Farmer's Markets are the way to go. Besides the fact that the rain woke me up at 6:30 this morning, {what a wonderful sound to wake up to, don't you think?}, making me believe that the rest of the day was going to be cold and cloudy, thus driving me to wear overly warm clothing, it was a great couple of hours. 
{Seriously though, the heat was killer. Chad and I were about to lose it, we were going psycho. We both wore jeans, and I wore boots. Bad.I.Dea.}

But besides that, here's what we Cisneros's were up to at that thang called a Farmer's Market......
Here's the face Carter made as soon as we got him in the stroller. I thought we were in trouble, but he was a good boy the rest of the day, quite obviously not as affected by the heat as we older folks.

Here we go........Woohooo!

A good representation of how we were both feeling before we ate. Eek.

And then this lovely creation made it's appearance. Oh.My.Gosh.Amazing.

The actual reason we took a trip to the Great Park of Irvine {yeah, that's the actual name because it's way.too.big.} was to fulfill one of Chadly's class obligations, so there's my man showing his professor proof of his whereabouts.

Chad teaching Carter how to ride a bike without training wheels.

All in all, it was a great trip to the massive park.
{This is not a joke: when the good ole' city planners of Orange County were constructing the park, they wanted it to be larger than Central Park, some other huge park in Chicago, and some other massive expanse of land in San Diego. Well, they succeeded. Jerks. There was no shade! Now I know why the good people of the OC are a little bit bitter about this place. Sheesh.}
Going forward, though, NO JEANS and NO BOOTS.
I hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday Funday!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Facetime and other techy discoveries

I've never really been big on the newest techy toy you could buy.
I would literally never stand in line to buy any such thing.
I always see folks on the news freezing their phalanges off trying to purchase the newest apple product and yadi yada yada....
To me, that's nuts!

Not too long ago I owned a fossil of a cell phone. It was like the first Blackjack that ever hit the shelves. But you know what? It worked for me! I didn't need cool gadgets! Apps? Who cared?! My husband owned an iPhone and was temporarily married to Angry Birds. Nuh-uh. Not for me. I had better things to do than stare at a screen smaller than my child's forearm. 
Then the day came where Chad and I needed to start a new cell phone plan. So, I thought, maybe I'll just give the iPhone 3G a shot....Granted, this was after the 4G had come out, but that was just not my thang. I didn't want to spend the extra cash on something I was just going to use for phone calls and texting. I could have gotten myself the Nokia from 2001....It wouldn't have made a difference to me. 

Well, flash forward about 3 or 4 months, I'm borderline obsessive over my 3G.
And that new iPad we recently brought home?
Oh yeah, IT'S LOVE.

I mean, without an iPad, how would one ever take flattering photos like this one?

Or spend family time in front of Photobooth, like Carter and I were doing here:

And of course I can't forget about my all time favorite!

See, without technology, we could never create such works of art!

In all seriousness though, 
the iPad is pretty awesome because we can have
Facetime with Chadly while he's at work. 
Carter gets a kick out of it, and it is an 
interesting way to keep us all updated on our days!

Well, wow.

Who conjured up such a meal?
Me! Which, if you know me at all, you understand what a statement that is.
All thanks to Giada. Man, I love that woman.

Here was our dinner in photos, because that's the only way I can capture it's goody goodness:

I cleaned my first batch of shrimp!

Yum, yum, yum. There were oranges in that thing! Oranges!

Our pepperoncini shrimp sautee-in' away.
{Que music from heaven}

Before the feast on the lovely patio furniture we love oh so dearly.
{The third addition to our meal was mashed per-tae-tows}

The munchkin enjoying his baba on the porch with us in his jammies with my man.

Did I ever mention that Chad was a chocolatier in his past life? 
Okay, these are s'more bars that he made from scratch, just from pure imagination, with the chocolate we brought home from Belgiam. Yeah, he's quite the catch.

It was so.dang.good.
Oh, Giada! What would I do without you?!

Friday, July 29, 2011


Who's ready for round two of......
I know I sure as heck am, especially because it features only cell phone pics....Hello? Could that be any more perfect for me with my current lack-o-camera situation?

Let's get started, shall we?

Well, the week started off........

........With a little bit of computer time......
{No, just kidding. I was walking around trying to locate my Babe, and got sort of anxious when he wasn't in any of his usual spots. Then I walked on back towards the computer, and there he was, just sitting there like a little businessman! It was so gosh darn cute!}

........And with a little bit of self motivation.
{I finally decided to utilize the dry erase board my man got for us almost a year ago. Good message, eh?}

As the week progressed........

....I had another balcony brunch with Chadly while Carter slept.
{Check out that healthy choice!}

.....Well, at least we started off healthy.......
{Yeah, I ate the majority of those. It's true.}

I then taught Carter some good lessons on healthy eating and how important it is to our everyday state of mind......

.......In order to show him said importance, I went on to eat a Sausage McMuffin meal on a very messy kitchen table.
{Guilty? Yes. Was it delicious? Absolutely}

Later on in the week, Carter got his haircut which still makes mommy want to cry......

.....And we got him his first big boy slip on vans. He loves them, and begs me to put them on his tiny little toes as soon as he wakes up!

So there you have it! A week in Instagram photos!
{I didn't include any from the fair, because I think I covered that baby completely!}
It was a great week, and you know what?
Yeah, that's right, me! The world's most pessimistic pregnant woman stepped outside the door to take a walk twice!
Hey-O! Happy lady over here!

Link up, baby!
life rearranged

Blog Swap with JenAnAe

Okay, today is another day I've been looking forward to! How come? Because my friend Jenna and I are doing a blog swap!
Bow chicka bow wow!

So you can find me over HERE today!
Come say hi!
Are you ready for this?
{que Space Jam sound track}


Hello Nicole's friends! I'm Jenna and I blog over here. So excited to be answering these questions in a blog swap! Here I go!

1. What is your best memory of Nicole?

I have a lot of favorite memories of Nicole. Some that included lots of people and some only she and I remember. But I would have to say that my favorite memory of Nicole is of course the first time we met when she came up to me at the movie theater that all the jr. high kids hung out with and told me she was in one of my dance classes. After that we were inseparable. She became my best friend. And a best friend she is!

2. What are two things on your bucket list?

-See 10 different Broadway shows in New York
-Go on a Cruise

3. What movie always makes you cry and why?

“The Family Stone” The end of that movie makes me cry EVERYTIME! I can’t imagine ever losing my mom. Ah, I don’t even want to talk about it. 

4. What accomplishment are you most proud of in life?

Okay, this is going to be a very obvious answer but a very true answer. The accomplishment that I am most proud of is having my daughter Brooklynn Eileen Duty. She gave me a really hard time coming into this world, but she is the most perfect little girl and has changed my life for the better in ways I didn’t know were possible! She is the light of my life and I look forward to having a few more just like her!

5. What advice do you wish you could give your 16 year old self?

He does not matter.

6. What piece of advice do you wish you could tell your girlfriends?

Having a family of your own is better than any college party. :)

7. If you could go on any fantasy vacation in your lifetime, where would it be, and what would you do?

Oh man, it would be somewhere tropical, in a beautiful hotel room overlooking the ocean, and I would lay on the beach by the pool drinking diet coke and eating whatever I wanted! And Curtis would be there of course, and we would just relax and do whatever we wanted. Take long naps, and oh did I mention drinking lots of diet coke? Oh I wish this fantasy were real!

8. What is one talent you wish you had?

I wish I could sing like Adele or Demi Lovato.

9. Who are your top 3 hero's and why?

My Husband- He is strong and hardworking and I look up to him very much! He teaches me something new everyday!
My parents/Family (they count as one)- 23 years ago I was adopted into the worlds best family. They are crazy and I love them! They did an amazing job of raising me and I am so thankful for ALL they have done for me!
Miley Cyrus- Well, because she is Miley Cyrus and I will always be a fan. haha

10. What is the craziest nickname you've ever called your child?

HMMM… well we have many many nicknames for our little princess.
But the craziest? Maybe, Dr. Worm, or boogie buns, or fatso (in a loving way because fat babies are the best)


Oh, Jenna! How you make me laugh! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A morning in the life of a BIG BOY

We have a pretty predictable morning routine over here in these parts, and I'm happy to say that nothing gets going until at least 8:30 am {I am the world's worst morning person, so bow chicka bow wow for a baby who semi-sleeps in along with me!}.

Today, though, was a particularly great morning. 
How come?
Because my Babe is now a big boy.
Yesterday was the fateful day we trimmed his lovely blonde locks, all in the hopes of avoiding the relentless rat's nest that has made a home on the back of his head after every.single.nap.session.

So here was my precious love on our way to his hair appointment:
Ay yi yi.....I almost started crying just uploading this picture. Look at that innocent child, in all of his blonde hair, surfer style glory! 

.....And here we were in the act:
He was such a big boy getting his hair cut it makes me want to cry all over again. Sheesh!

And then the BIG BOY emerged, taking me by surprise! Where did this grown up toddler come from?!

Oh, for heavens sakes, child! Stop being so gosh darn happy and cute! You're pullin' on the ole' heartstrings!
{Just kidding, never stop being happy OR cute}

Anyway, his new hair style took me by surprise once again this morning when I went in to pick up my patient BIG BOY. I mean, who said it was okay for him to go and chop off all of his youth and innocence? Oh yeah, that was me.....

So what do BIG BOYS do with BIG BOY hair cuts?
Well, they immediately put on their new BIG BOY slip on vans, of course.
.....looking bashful, all the while.....

......and after much ruckus and playing around....

BIG BOYS enjoy a light beverage of sorts.
First in the kitchen with the refrigerator door wide open.....

......And then in the living room, all while wearing BIG BOY shoes, and sporting a BIG BOY haircut.

After much more rough-housing, mommy let Babe #1 know that Babe #2 was asking for second-breakfast, so we sat down together at the table, because that's what BIG BOYS and mommy's do.

Next, it was time to help mommy make the bed.....with BIG BOY shoes on.....

Ay yi yi.....Are you going to kill me if I say it again??
Becoming a BIG BOY has thrown mommy for a loop.
Not fair, world, not fair!


Yay for another link up!
Che-che-che-che-check it out.....


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To the fair we went

Since we were awesome this last Sunday and made it into church at the crack of dawn, we rewarded ourselves appropriately:
We went to the only place on earth one can find deep fried dill pickle spears AND over-sized farm animals you have to pay a dollar to see......
the fair!

It was a joyous afternoon, full of squealing pigs {I'm not kidding, those pigs were snorting so loud it scared Chad to the core}, crazy teenagers trying to look hip in this season's most unforgiving trend - mid drift baring pieces of cotton, and of course, my baby looking intrigued as he took it all in.

Freckles, {my homeboy steer}, was so massive he scared me from behind that gate.

My men looking rugged in their flannels with that barn behind them.

Doesn't that just make you feel good?


All in all, it was a great way to top off a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What I Wore Wednesday -- First ever, baby!

So, I know it's totally lame that I've been super super super excited about this particular Wednesday for a couple of days now, but I can't help it! I'm just ultra stoked to join the What I Wore Wednesday extravaganza! Okay are you ready?

Since my stupid point-and-shooter is on the fritz, I only have one photo to share. Yeah, that's right, only one. And it was taken on my iPhone.....on instagram......but I assure you I will become an awesome What I Wore Wednesday participant in a few short weeks. 
{Once an awesome {expensive} camera for myself...ahem...Oh, hubby!}

Anyway, here we go!
What I Wore To Church:
Thar' she blows!
Look at that precious little man alongside me, just being as precious as precious can be!

So here are the facts:

Cardigan: H&M

Dress: A boutique in Paris bought on our honeymoon
{It's definitely a fav of all time}

19-month-old little boy: I picked him up somewhere....He compliments my outfits well....I think I'll keep him

Okay, that was really fun for me and I have no idea why.
Here's where I'll be linking up :

pleated poppy

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

THAT should never be okay

Since I've been on this major pessimistic kick lately, my critical eye has noticed a few things that should just never be okay in public. I know, I know, something's wrong with me because I've turned into a maniac, venting monster instead of a lady-glowing-on-a-lilly-pad pregnant woman, but you know what? 
That's just the way the cookie crumbles!

Anyway, here's a few things that should just never be okay:

*Wearing parachute jean shorts and being a dad at the same time. I get it: at one time in your life you were a cool dude kickin' it with your buddies with your over-sized jean shorts, probably drinking a forty or something, but news flash: times have changed. You no longer get the option of drinking a forty on some seedy street corner, so change your wardrobe accordingly. I don't want to see your boxers, because you are a dad now. I don't want to see your studded belt below your behind, because you are a dad now. I don't want to see your poor wife/girlfriend looking at you in disgust, because you are a dad now. Please, do us all a favor, and switch up the wardrobe. Please.
{Thankfully my husband never had the lean-like-a-chollo sense of style, because that would have been a deal breaker. I just so happened to witness this style many a-time at the fair this weekend, and I was disturbed.}

That plus a child. Puke!

*Driving like a maniac because you are a teenager and the coolest thing on the face of the earth. I realize that at one point in my life I, too, drove like a moron, but now I deeply regret that. I'm sure there were millions of mothers who looked at my fire-engine-red-hot-Hyundai in disgust because I wouldn't let their mini van into oncoming traffic....I would actually bet my life on it. Now, I don't own a mini van, so there's actually no way that those suicidal drivers could possibly know I'm a mom who drives slow as molasses, which could only mean that they enjoy being psychos on the highways of America. Listen kids, the jig is up. Stop driving like maniacs. I'm sick of dodging your stubborn ways. Ay yi yi.

There they are, having a blast. Yuck.

*Going on a run in jeans. Yes, I actually witnessed this in my own neighborhood. Here's the thing: I can't really criticize that poor twosome for doing this, because at least they were breathing in the good air of the great outdoors and accelerating their heart rates, two things I haven't done in quite some time, but come on! Can you say sticky legs? Yuck! I felt bad for staring because they were so into it. Oh, well. Cheers to them for actually stepping out the front door with every intent to work out. But sheesh!

Walking around in a field with fellow Abercrombie and Fitch male models while wearing jeans? Okay. Working out in jeans? Not okay.

So there you have it. Random, but all true.

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