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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde, blonde!

The blonde is coming back at 3:00 pm TODAY!!! This surely is an event that shall go down in history. A return to l'original. Wooooooooo! 

And how cute is my sweet little 6 week old Carter right there? He was such a round, plump little white baby! Truly a chill dude. Always just hanging around us, smiling away - the best! Anyhoo, I should probably get back to child rearin'. That same babe above is currently screaming and crying on the floor because Chad took his jump rope away. Oh, how times have changed from the days of hangin' with a 6 week old!   

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life around town in the big LR

 We have such a blast in this here community. Ladera Ranch is the bomb, it really is. Raising children? This is where you want to be. It's been quite the backdrop to these here ages, and since I know we won't be here for too much longer, I thought a good old fashioned documentation of our daily activities was needed. This is what we do literally every day, or some form of it - most times that's awesome, other times I question why the hell I got the kids used to such a rigorous afternoon schedule. I mean, sometimes it would be nice to sit inside all day! But hey, I guess it's a good problem to have. :)
 ^^^My view! Carter leading the way on his bike and me pushing Kota in HER "Pooh" stroller - do not mess with the Winnie the Pooh stroller. You have been warned.
 Everything in this whole entire place is walking distance, but what's super awesome is that the library is right around the corner and is flanked by 100,000,000 parks and pools. When Chad and I got insanely crazy with the good ole' budget, I got myself a library pass for some free entertainment. I'll tell you what: the thousands of books we return home with every week sure is a nice, positive babysitter. Dagnabbit I'll even go as far to say it beats out the iPad - a true fete! (And one I feel about 1,000% less guilty about...)  
 ^^^Heel walking is a thing. A very time consuming thing.
 The library is filled with all kinds of awesome things for my babes to enjoy, especially the stairs that they're NEVER allowed to sit on UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Haha! How hilarious is that sign??! Anyhoo, it's a blast there. There's even this young librarian who shoots me dirty looks when my kids speak! It's great!

No but really, it's pretty cool. Carter has a thing for Halloween themed books, he always seems to find them!
 ^^^Sounds weird, but this is so Ladera. Some beautifully drawn picture of Olaf on a square of concrete. Now that I'm looking at the actual picture, it really doesn't look as exquisite as it was in person, but I'm telling you! This place is full of nice things - the chalk creations are no exception. I don't know - it sounds weird, but this is just so Ladera.
 After the library we always head to a park, one of the many surrounding the less than 1 mile radius that we travel during the afternoons. Here Carter discovered a rock that Kota deemed as "Ariels!!!!," so she had to reenact her favorite mer-gal's singing scenes! It was seriously hilarious - I was laughing so hard I could hardly get a good picture! Hahaha
 Carter being chivalrous trying to help Kota down off the mini walls she walks on when we travel around town.
 I mean, look at this place! This is how it is around every corner - no exaggeration! It will be a sad day when we leave here, but what can ya do? I'd prefer to not blow our entire house buying budget on 750 square feet sooooooo you know. But sometimes I think it's just so nice, maybe I don't really care about spending life in 750 square feet? There are drugs in the air, I tell you! We love it and love watching our babes enjoy what Ladera has to offer. It's the land of young families, pretty views (of the house less than 3 feet away from your own) and just overall good times. Woohoo!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

 Mmmmmm, Mother's Day! It's quite possibly the best invention of man kind. A whole day where we as members of the motherhood-ship may be praised and worshipped? Yes.

This year I forgot that it's only a semi-holiday and treated it like Thanksgiving or Christmas: the whole day was booked from beginning to end and it was more like Mother's-Day-Friday-Saturday-Sunday instead of just a 24 hour affair. When I told Chad what our plans were, he asked me what the heck I had been thinking. He said something along the lines of, "What the heck? Don't you just want to chill out on that day?" To which I answered, "Yes, I do want to chill out - with our moms while you do all the work and I drink!" It was fair, it was fair.

Anyhoo, it was so much fun! On Saturday evening I took off for a massage (by Louis, the sports therapist, deep tissue massage specialist...), and then I was left alone for a whole 2 hours to relax! It was beautiful... Yes it was. In the morning Chadly made our yearly French toast, strawberry fabulousness, then we hung out at home for a little bit drinking tons of coffee. After a bit, I started making the quiche I was bringing over to my parents' house for brunch with the fam and we all got ready. Get this: everyone got dressed harmoniously and we left on time! I know - it was a Mother's Day miracle. No shouting or being rushed - I have no idea what came over us.
We had a ridiculously delicious brunch at my parents' house where I had a bottomless mimosa and all the grand babies played together. Around 2:00 we headed up to Huntington Beach where we were supposed to chill on the sand and eat an early dinner, but it was so windy we vetoed the beach-goin' and headed to her community pool instead. As Cher and I hung out there drinking our Starbucks-cup-disguised beers, I completely relaxed - COOOMMPLLLLEEETELYYYYY chilled out. I was super in the this sun feels so good, don't touch me - I'm relaxing, isn't this day fabulous? zone. It was great!

After a few hours of hanging out poolside, we headed back to her homestead and had pizza, wings and fried zucchini - I'll tell you what: Mother's Day is a very healthy holiday. All of a sudden we realized that it was already 8:00 so we headed home, totally exhausted from a day well spent.

Now that Carts and Kots are a bit older, or out of the baby stages, I should say, I realize how incredibly partner-esque they are to me. Without even noticing, they somehow have become these little buddies to me and to each other. This will probably not always be the case, but as of right now I feel like being their mom is so easy most of the time. They know the rules and if they break them they get either a 2 or a 4 minute time out, but all the rest of the time we're just having a blast together, whether it's the three of us or if Chad is hanging at home. It's really very cool. I find myself missing the hard work of having a new baby, but also thinking about the future potential of these two growing up in such a harmonious environment. "Stress" seems to be such something of the past, save the rare babysitting need. It's a pretty awesome feeling! I mean, why give into a negative emotion when they're sitting there smiling at you, old enough and capable to go to the pool with just the three of us (aka, me without another helping adult)? So for the moment, I'm sort of feeling like we've got "it" down - for the moment, at least.

Anyway, good feelings, good feelings.
 ^^^Sidenote: while Chad was making breakfast and I was floating around the house feeling great about doing nothing, I felt like this needed documenting. See that phone on the right?? That thing has been my phone for the past two years!!! Chad got it for me on that one Leap Year Day, and I'm pretty proud to say that the darn thing worked until the end - truly a fete for me and electronic ownership. After a quadrillion drops, it still functioned, so I didn't want to betray my cheapo ways and upgrade to the 5 - yes, it was slightly embarrassing to be walking around with a shard of glass for your cell phone, but hey! The darn thing worked! Anyway, Chad has now gifted me his old phone and I now have a perfect, protected-by-a-case, beautiful phone! Woohooo!
Yay for Mother's Day 2014!
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