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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Favorite moments from an overly busy month

Get ready for some gosh-awful quality pictures loaded with tons of LIFE lately!
My little princess being her usual monkey self at Carter's swim lesson!

Here I was being a total weirdo taking a bunch of worse-than-the-usual-bad-quality pictures with my hubby in the theater for The Great Gatsby (Mother's Day celebration!). The first picture looks pretty decent to me now, but at the time I told him that we had to take another one because I was getting that "look" like I had one too many glasses of wine over at the ole' wine bar that we had just come from. Anyway, I was totally right, I had consumed quite more than the usual one-and-a-half, but hey! Who was counting?

I love my job so, so, so, so, SO much! Look at all those awesome mamas! They are so much fun to be around everyday!

I usually really hate seeing pictures of just food (and healthy food especially. Come on! Stop bragging why dontchya?) on Instagram and other like sites, but man! I AM ON A HEALTHY EATING KICK! It's totally due to the awesome new program added under Fit4Mom (Stroller Strides) called Body Back. Anyway, looking at that blender picture kind of makes me feel squeamish because it looks disgusting here, but oh boooooy is it goooooood! 

I mean... These two (...and Lexi in the last picture!). They are just so darn precious. Truly, they are my world. LOVE being their mama! Lately I've been feeling this weird sense of honor about the fact that Kota wants me to be near her all the time. It's been going on for about 2 months. Whenever she wants me to pick her up, I just get excited that she wants to be with me! SHE wants to be with ME! Cool, eh?

Lastly, I love this dude. This was him after I got back from night #2 of Body Back, cleaning the floors AFTER he had cleaned the entire kitchen! He was talking on the phone with his mom but said under his breath, "Go upstairs and relax. Go!" 
Oh, lover man. How I appreciate you and your ways! 

So that was a ton of information. What those pictures didn't show was how outrageously busy Chad and I have been over the last month. Truly busy. We are blessed that this busyness has to do with an almost-done last semester and a growing business, but man, I totally get it now when people say things like, "Hmm, when do you and your spouse see each other?" 

In the past, I really thought that was quite a weird thing to have to think about. My unconditional answer was "from bed time and beyond, allowing us a sort of 'date night' every night." Now I get it. You really do have to put a stop to your busyness or else before you know it it's been 10 days straight of "I'll be downstairs in 20 minutes," and "I'll see you on Sunday after this bachelor party," and "Let me just finish this last email and we'll watch our show." You can't lose the TIME, my friend! Luckily we had the ultimate Mother's Day date this year, allowing us to laugh like hyenas, away from any form of stress!
Oh, how I love that man of mine!

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