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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh the things I hear

Out of no where I got knocked over sideways with this creepy cold. A COLD! In the middle of the Summer! What the heck - I am not okay with this ridiculousness. The babes only got the faintest hints of a few coughs here and there, while I'm over here just trying to breathe like a normal person. Anyway, last night I literally got ZERO rest. Absolutely none. I kept having these strange anxiety dreams that seemed to be mixed into the fact that I couldn't breathe for the life of me without immediately needing a glass of water. An example would be this: I kept thinking/dreaming about the part in The Fault In Our Stars where she had to be rushed to the hospital because her body wasn't getting enough oxygen. I don't know - totally weird. I kept envisioning myself passing out and not being able to breathe and no one knowing because it was the middle of the night! What the hell was going on with me? I'm actually laughing as I'm writing this. What was going on up in here?

Anyhoo, aforementioned horrible night left me WAY exhausted today. I was fine up until about 3:30, at which point I told both babies that I couldn't play "construction site" anymore because mommy doesn't feel well. I promptly took a seat on the couch like a responsible parent and basically fell asleep. I kept coming to when hearing a few hilarious things the babes were talking about:

Carter: Kota, you called me DARLING! I'm not your BABE!
Kota: What? Hahahaha
Carter: That's what Mommy calls Daddy all the time!
(We do not call each other darling :)

Kota: Batman, watch out for my BUTT!
Carter: Hahahaha move your butt, I'm throwing blocks at Mommy!
Kota: OKAY!
(We do not say butt so it's by default the most hilarious thing in their vocabularies :)

Kota: MOMMY! Watch I'm playing basketball! (Throwing a big bouncy ball up the stairs)
Carter: So am I, watch me! (Nails Kota in the head with a tennis ball)
Kota: BATMAN! I tell you to STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!! (In literally the loudest, body-shaking, scream voice I've ever heard)
Carter and Kota: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh man. These two! They are in the most hilarious ages of all time. OF ALL TIME!

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