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Friday, November 30, 2012

A few of the favorites

I don't know what's going on, but my computer isn't letting me upload any new pictures! It's saying that I'm at 100% capacity, whatever that means. Anyway, until I figure it out, here are a few favorites from the bloggular over the last few years :)
Wine tasting in Paris with the hubs. :)
After I got my Canon, I was really obsessed with taking all of these artsy-like pictures and guess what? I actually like them! So even though I'm a far cry from the editing master I hope to become, here is one of them!
...and another.
The first baby girl onesie I ever purchased. :) It hung up in our room for a good three months!
Little man having a moment last year when we were decorating our tree in the good ole' apartment. I was pregnant with Kota here!
A product of nesting in 2011...
...which appeared in Carter's old room right before we brought home girly-girl.
And this preciousness :)

Anyway, love these pictures. :) 

Monday, November 26, 2012

And so...

It's sad to me that I haven't blogged in so gosh darn long. Truly! And the only reason I'm writing this post is because I decided to check up on the ole' site to poke around a little bit and got lost in my archives. I've just been sitting here, reading all about the days when Carter was taking two naps per day, when Chad turned 23 and that wonderful night Kota was born. 

This blog, my friend, is a keeper of our young family life. I used to sit down every day to document whatever the heck was on my mind, the result of which being a diary of sorts. The posts I've been sorting through bring me back to silly days and lovely feelings. 

The real reason I've faded out was because I got weirdly wrapped up into my stats. It became depressing! Every single morning I would check to see how many unique visits I got, what pictures people were clicking on, etc. etc. etc. Did I have any emails from people who were interested in working together? If there wasn't, why not?! Hmm... It looks like my main blog peeps didn't like my last post as much as the one before, I wonder why? - were a few of the usual thoughts. Anyway, in no way do I have a monstrously large following or anything, but for a small amount of time I wanted to build, build, build - so I forgot about how much I enjoyed just sitting here and talking (to myself) about how awesome my family was.

So there it is! Of course there are other reasons why I haven't been blogging, the main reason being that if I'm going to take the time to sit down and write, it has to be for one of the websites I'm working with, therefore leaving me with no me time. However, busyness is never going to go away, in fact it will only increase, so I don't want that to be the reason why I can't remember what sort of outfits I dressed my darling 11-month-old little missy in. I hope that I will write again consistently just for the love of it instead of for the "gain," you know what I mean sista? 

Anyway! Cheers to documenting young family life and to remembering what it was like to write about the everyday - and not feeling bad that the everyday can be considered boring to other people! Yay!

(Reposted, super old pictures from my pal Jenanae - I think fall of 2010?)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Alright, my mind is all over the place! One second I'm content, the next I'm bored. Deep cleaning the kitchen sounded nice but then sounded horrendous. Swiffering ran through my mind, but nah. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

1. Carter is on the stairs and he's supposed to be in bed, but tonight I'm just going to let it go. I'll just let him think I don't know he's there, playing with his cars and saying, "Boom! Crash!" It sounds cute, so hey! What can you do?

2. Speaking of bed times and the fact that Carter isn't actually in bed asleep, every once in awhile I'll think, So really, what is this whole "strict" thing all about, anyway? Why can't I just let them do whatever they want, like watch 19 Kids and Counting with me? Why do you actually have to enforce rules to raise model citizens? Can't we all just stay up until midnight together and eat s'mores? It would be fun and oh-so easy! Surely that would require much less will power and strength than "getting down to business!" But then I'll remember that I'm not hanging out with purse-sized chihuahuas, I'm raising my kids! Kids that need to know boundaries in order to learn respect, etc., etc., etc. Anyway, I'm not saying it's a bad thing to bend the rules every now and again because we've definitely done that (EXAMPLE: Chad watching the Avengers with Carter until 11:30 when I was down in San Diego for a few days), it's just one of those random let me question the universe and why I do what I do type things.

3. Speaking of me spending a few nights in San Diego, therefore placing Chad on two-child-daddy-duty for the longest stretch he's ever gone, here's a nice little fact: he let Carter go COMMANDO for almost 4 days! Yes! When I was reunited with my crew I saw that Chad was putting Carter's pajama pants on sans underwear so I asked, "Woah, what's going on here? Aren't you forgetting his underwear?" To which he answered, "Oh no, babe, it's totally fine, he doesn't need underwear." He doesn't NEED underwear! What the heck?! It was one of those unbelievable holy moly daddy has been alone with the kids for the past few days moments!

4. I started buying organic milk and I have to say, it's tasty. Like milk shake tasty. In fact, I'm going to go relieve Carter of those evil peanut-bearing candies he raked up last night with a big ole' glass of the good stuff. Until tomorrow (hopefully)!
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