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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some kids, man

WARNING: horribly mean, probably below-the-belt blog post.

You know what? Some kids are just little shits! Yes - what a terrible thing to say as a mother to two toddlers, both of whom may or may not be little poops themselves every once in awhile - but really. For some odd reason, I've been coming into contact with some seriously inappropriate children lately and have become ridiculously worked up due to my own kids not knowing what to do in the face of such absurdity (mama's advice? Smack them up side the head! Okay no, but... come on. My only form of solace is that Carts and Kots have no idea what to make of these little creeps because such behavior is not tolerated around here - proud mom!). An example, you say?

Okay. Yesterday at the little kiddie pool a block from home, there were these three little ones who kept calling a fourth little boy a zombie who was visibly frustrated that they kept doing so. After awhile, the boys parents took him out of the pool and left, probably because they were not happy about witnessing their poor child being picked on! Guess who was the next zombie? CARTER! I was so pissed because (I kid you not) Carter never has issues with other children. I know, I know - totally something a biased mom would say, but it's such a rarity to see my dude not getting along with someone that I can't even come up with one specific non-smooth social interaction beyond the point of being a baby. After a few minutes, Carter, completely innocently, told me that he didn't know why those guys were calling him "zombie" because that was not his name and he didn't like it. My heart broke at the same time my head screamed, "yeah, they're total brats - don't worry honey, I'll go give their mothers a piece of my mind!" I tried to explain to him what a zombie was and that maybe they were playing a game, so don't worry about it and play with sister, but he was just not getting why he wasn't playing with these like-aged children and not having fun! I told him to tell them to stop calling him that if he didn't like it - which he did forcefully but not rudely, woo! - to which the two little nicer ones responded but the bad-seed-ring-leader ignored. WHAT A BRAT! After SEVERAL glances towards the the two moms who must be responsible for these three (who were talking face to face without a glance to their babies who were just floating around an enormous pool), I extremely loudly and obviously told Carter and Dakota to get out of the pool because WE DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH KIDS WHO DON'T WANT TO PLAY NICE (and that we had to go make dinner).

WTH, brats?!

Rest assured there have been a few more situations where I've repeatedly thought, "Wow, you're a total shit, get it together," but I really can't think of what they are due to me getting slightly worked up from writing aforementioned pool situation. Anyway, the only thing I can do is make sure that my babies know how to handle themselves in such situations and that I, too, know how to handle myself in the face of some seriously lame parents. I mean, I'm not the type of person who would completely forget all forms of social decency and go screaming after a parent because their toddler is in dire need of some rules and boundaries, but sheesh, man. It's tough to not claw someone's face off when it comes to your kids!


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  1. This makes me laugh. My dad recently put the smack down (not literally thankfully) on a kid who kept blocking Ryleigh from using the slide at the park. His grandma was with him and was doing nothing, so my dad walked over, lifted him up off the slide and told him to stop being a brat. The kid ran away crying but I felt vindicated.


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