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Thursday, March 30, 2017

We bought a new house - unexpectedly!

We're 2 weeks into the house we didn't know we were going to buy when 2017 rolled around and I have to say, this has been one of the best "surprises" the Lord has had for us!
From the second we moved into our first home in October of 2014, we knew we wouldn't be there too long. 5-7 years MAX. A normal amount of time to be in your starter home, right? The only problem with that plan was that we didn't even want to be there for 5 years. Not even 4! Or 3! We were down to move as soon as there was any significant appreciation in the dang place because, even though we grew to LOVE those 1,350 square feet, we wanted to be in a "forever" type of home more. Everyday it was like one of us had ants in our pants. Sometimes I would be the "content one" living there, totally fine with projecting our way through the cute little place, and then other days I would text Chad saying "it's time to sell, I'm over it!"

So in January (2 months ago), I took our big beast doggy on a walk around the neighborhood. I noticed that there was a house for sale in this one cul-de-sac that I've always really liked, so I told Chad about it when I got home. The only problem with it was that there was no pool - something that we SWORE we would have in the next house due to the major lack of community swimming options here in C Town. I finally found the house on Redfin, only to see that it was under contract already. Even though it was a long shot (and Chad was shaking his head at the thought of moving into a non-pool home), I sent the listing over to our realtors anyway, just in case it fell out of escrow. It was well priced too! My thought was that we would have a way larger down payment on that place than we had had for our first house so hey, our mortgage may have been lower. Great thoughts, right?!

The next day our realtor called us to say that that particular home was only days away from closing escrow, but that they had just picked up a listing in our actual dream neighborhood, so hey! Did we want to take a look at it before it hit the market? I said, "sure, why not?" and that same day, after I picked Carter up from school, I lugged the 3 kids over there and hey-o, LOVED IT!

When I got home to tell Chad about it, my tone was more incredulous than "let's seriously buy a new house." I really didn't think it would work out. First of all, the price point seemed out of range considering our new car purchases and the general mid-point that we were at in our Dave Ramsey Baby Step #2 life. Secondly, we were informed that the ONLY way we would be able to get the place is if we sold our current house for way over market value - yeah right, how was that going to happen? Lastly, the house seemed like a GIANT undertaking, maintenance wise. There was the pool, which (now that we were faced with the real possibility of owning one) made me nervous because who the heck knew how to take care of one of those? The previous owners had installed an extensive amount of solar panels, which apparently, one has to get cleaned once a year (who knew?). There are vaulted ceilings, so how about that air conditioning bill in the heat of summer? On top of all of those ACTUAL concerns, I wasn't a huge fan of the flooring and just KNEW we would have to completely start over in terms of decor (furnishing the backyard, as well!). Our dog was a thought too! My gosh, we would have to train our already-sensitive beast to function well within a new neighborhood. But more than anything, I was concerned about the utility bills and if we were being classic Chad and Nicole: jumping head first into an albeit awesome purchase, but still a VERY large buy.

Chad seemed undeterred by every problem that came up, though. He was thinking, "God wouldn't lead us into a bad decision," but I was like, "yeah, but what about free will! We have the choice to say no to this (super awesome) huge house! Should we be saying no to ourselves?" Real theological debates, you know? Bahahahaha. But he felt great about it anyway so he told our realtor to "Make it happen, captain," and off we went into selling our place.

Within 24 hours we had 3 showings before it hit the market, had a sign set up in our front yard, a photographer came through for the listing - ALL WITHIN THAT FIRST DAY. We were in shock. The next day, we had a handy man completely ravage our home with repairs - sending Snow into a frenzy of uncomfortableness. Within 2 days we had a few offers, one of which was full price - ZING! It was insane.

Escrow went smoothly, but no joke I was still a non-believer up until the VERY last few days of the whole thing. I didn't pack ANYTHING because truly who knew if ALL of those ducks that were necessary were going to line up? Everyone involved in the transaction had a contingency except for our buyers. So our buyer's loan had to close to allow our loan to close to allow our seller's loan to close on THEIR new house to allow THOSE seller's loan to close on THEIR new house. I mean, plenty of room for something to go awry, right? But in the end, it all worked out!

There was a gap in occupancy, so we stayed at my parents' house for 4 nights and then we moved the heck in here! It's been awesome. I feel like the pool has provided us with an actual life change. I keep calling the place "Club Cisneros" or "Resort de Cisneros" - it's like we moved to Puerto Rico and have been enjoying some luxurious outdoor lifestyle all of a sudden! And all of those utilities I was so concerned with? The gosh dang amazing solar panels takes care of it all. I mean - heyyyyyyyy-oooooooooo. We kept their gardener and hired a pool guy so that way we wouldn't mess this place up - hahaha. During the gap in occupancy where we had to stay at my parents' house, we signed Snow up for this insanely extensive training where he would be boarded for 2 weeks - how great was that timing? So he got trained (we got trained when we picked him up) all right before bringing him to a new house and new neighborhood. Truly great.
The Lord works in mysterious ways! We are very thankful for how all of it worked out. One of the biggest blessings was how we just "jumped in" to the selling of our  house without thinking too much about it. THAT was way more work than I ever thought it would have been, so I feel blessed to have been so naive about that process - otherwise I just wouldn't have done it considering we have a very young baby. I'm happy we had no clue about that process because otherwise we wouldn't be enjoying life here! We would still have ants in our pants at the old place. Very cool! Thanks, Homeboy Jesus!


  1. Gosh, so exciting! I can't wait to see more of your new awesome house!

  2. I think your new house looks so big and amazing, and I love the spacious backyard and swimming pool. I worry just as much as you do when it comes to taking a risk, and I would be full of questions and doubts. It’s a good thing you took a chance and went after the house because you seem so happy in it.

    Veronica Perry @ Team Robinson CA Homes

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