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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The month of never ending celebrations!

 This is it for December: the forever most busy month of our lives! Gosh dang that month, it is fun and IT IS PACKED! We celebrate everything within those 31 days - everything. So here's to remembering our very tiny celebration on the 23rd for Carter's 4th (his actual birthday!) and Kota's 2nd with some awesome friends. We sure are lucky to have these people in our lives! See that little dude right there? Gavin! Carter and him will be starting Skate School tomorrow at Ice Palace - their first step towards the NHL, I know! Lexi, Gavin and Carter are buds and everyone's little sister's are pals - Kota, Sienna and Cailyn!
 ^Kota started getting shy so she hid behind her big brother. :)

The rest consist of KOTA'S dear that was not allowed to be touched by Carter without a massive scream that would rip through the peaceful Christmas tree place. Yep, those were my kids! Loud as can be :)

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