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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who are we?

Dagnabbit, we are completely different human beings nowadays! What's been going on up in here? Extreme contentment, adventures in grass-growing and weed pulling, "can we play in the street, mom?," Chad being okay with switching a ton of furniture around without the "really? We're really switching things around again?" questions?! WHO ARE WE? It's been freakin' awesome. Here's what we've been up to with these two babes and life in the IE:

1. We now have real green grass in the backyard and the court yard. Greenery has yet to be seen outside of the front yard's little fenced in area, but hey! 2 out of 3 green spots is fine by me!

2. We pulled our beautiful, HUMONGO dining room table from it's first home: the room we originally wanted to change from a living room into a dining room. It was just too BIG! If you were one of the people eating closest to the wall, you were trapped. There was noooo getting out for you. Also, I wanted to have a separate space to hang with friends when they came over. A place other than the family room where our two wild animals run rampant, and I wanted to use that square footage more effectively than we had been. Lastly, I actually wanted to USE the table we had built, not just stare at it and think of how we needed to add chairs to her massiveness.

3. I did said changing around while Chad was at work! I was actually so nervous for him to come home. Here's what I did: got rid of the black round kitchen table, dragged the dining room table to it's spot, leaving the original "dining room" empty. Then I rolled up the massive rug that sat underneath the family room and pushed it into the now empty dining room where I unfolded it. It's now a big shaggy rugged room. This left the family room with just the pushed over couch (the massive dining room table takes up a big chunk of space) and the ottoman. It looks pretty bare in there without a rug but hey! That will come next week I think. I felt so bad making the dining room decision without Chad! I apologized a ton of times and he was like, "Babe freakin' chill. Holy crap it's just furniture." Okaaaaaaaay there, man who has a very strong opinion on house decor!

Now we're going to pick up new couches for the family room this Saturday and move the original sectional into the new living room. That way we'll be utilizing every inch of square footage possible and we'll have an area to hang in while having friends over! I guess we ARE living room people!

4. I hate to be negative about my Kota Koo, but gosh dangit that child has had more accidents over the past week than I think both of them have had in the past 5 years combined. It started off when she was very sick - I don't think she even knew what she was doing. But it's now unfolded into AT LEAST one every night with a possibility of one during nap time. And that is nothing compared to the height of the accidents. Last Friday (her worst sick day), there was literally 6 clean ups. By the end of the day I was almost crying. Poor babe and poor us! Now she sleeps in our bed from about midnight on because her bed "smells bad." It's Kota in the middle, me right next to her then Chad, all squished. The entire right side of the bed is free and clear! It's insane!

5. Carter is a completely new person now, too. Right after he turned 5, I realized that his "good boy" foundation was pretty strong. Chad and I now kind of let him do whatever he wants because "what he wants" is so positive and obedient, there's no reason not to! I want him to feel confident doing what he wants to do, not just hoping we don't get mad at him for voicing his opinion. In an attempt to "train" him, I got scared we were negatively forming a personality that was not his true, authentic self. So that's been cool! Hip hip hooray for my big dude!

Wooohooooo for life! Goooooooo IE!

**Pictures are from our Oak Glen trip in 2013! Hey-o dark hair that I absolutely hated! Funny now, not funny then. Hahahaha

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