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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Projects I want done in 2015

I really need to write these thoughts down somewhere. So far the ole' blog has been a great "hey, we're actually doing the projected goals I wrote down on my blog" source sooooo here I go:

(HORRIBLE quality pictures of everything - a disclaimer.When it's a rainy day and the kids are asleep, one does  not worry about how hideous flash photography can sometimes be. I'm also not trying to hate on our space, I really do love everything in here! These pictures make it all look worse than it really is. But hey, what can a gal do? You've gotsto make things your own!)

1. Re-doing the long entry way dresser thing. EEK. Modernization needs to happen to this solid ole' hand-me-down. 

2. Figuring out a more ideal place for this here computer. At first I wanted it in the garage because there literally was no place for it in these here 1350 square feet, but then realized I was freezing my butt off while trying to upload pictures. It now sits in our bedroom...

3. Re-doing a piece of furniture to hide or pretty-up the computer. Maybe put it in the closet? Pinterest gods be with me!
 ^^^Will this be it? (Another solid wood hand-me-down with potential.)

4. Get a new rug for the living room. My "light and bright" vision is sort of annoying me now with the existing "light and bright" tile floors. Oh yeah, and the massive white fluffy rug Chad and I were obsessed with from our bachelor friend's townhouse looks slightly more mouse-colored in our kid-home. 

5. Get our beautiful Craigslist-found ottoman reupholstered in the family room. (Even though for reasons unbeknownst to me I find the dragon fly and lime green a little character-y? It's not going to stay this way but...) ^^^

6. Figure out the entire dining room space. Chairs are needed. I'm not a huge fan of my wall set up anymore - too busy (and it contains a Parisian canvas thing so everybody thinks I poorly executed a Paris themed room - hahaha). Do I do a rug in there? With all of the neutrals going on, I want some pop-y.

7. Re-doing the enclave thing in the hallway. I like the tall mirror I put up there but have predictably tired of the weird, "I just need to fill this space because it's driving me crazy before Thanksgiving," hanging plate thing. I want a cross collection there. I think.

8. Better execute the wall behind the couch. Either I need to finish the Pinterest project I started up there or I just need to take it down and do something else.

9. Weirdly, I want a piano. Like an up-against-the-wall piano. I don't know. That's not going to happen in 2015, but for some weird reason I want one.
^^^This is from The Rockstar Diaries. I love them and I love this piano but something tells me this perfection would end up sadly butchered if I attempted such awesomeness.

10. Fabulously execute these two mounted animal heads Chad got me for Christmas. I'm obsessed with them, but he thinks they're totally weird. He got them for me because he kept saying "NOOOO" when I'd mention them, so I can't just throw those things up on the wall and hope for the best. I really think I need to call an interior designer girlfriend of mine who I barely knew in sorority and ask her to come over to take a look at everything. I'm trying to channel my friend's house in Scottsdale, but every idea I throw out there Chad kind of looks at me like.... "yeeeeahh I know that works in Liz's house, but in this house we have a track record of things not looking so cool....." Crap. Lord help me in this wild thing called "attempting to enjoy your own decor!"
^^^It's this but what Chad got me is prettier and golden. Oh, the thousands of ways this could go wrong!

11. Come to a peaceful solution with these weirdo valance window things. They're these built in, crown molding type window valances on every window in the house. I never understood them and actually don't really like them, but everyone keeps saying how expensive they are so we shouldn't take them down. Well guess what? Going to Dubai is expensive but that does not mean I want to go to Dubai. However, Chad is semi thinking of resale: what if they actually are valuable? EEEEEK. They remind me of an old Asian lady's house or of a colonial home. 

12. DEFINITELY do the master bedroom. It's hard to make it a priority, but it really should be. ^^^

Bottom line is this: I wish I trusted my inner design goddess, but alas, I don't! This is not without due reasoning - save for Lake Forest, pretty much every place we've lived in we had to re-do a few weeks after living there because I start to really loathe whatever it is I fought so hard to put up. It's a vicious cycle! We'll see, we'll see. 

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