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Friday, March 6, 2015

It's Friday, it's Friday!

Pretty stoked about this weekend. We're... going... to.... STAY HOME! The whole time! The only time we'll leave will be to go to dinner IN. CORONA. and to maybe make a trip to Home Goods (wait for it...) IN. CORONA.

I know. This is a big deal. We've been driving to the OC every single weekend since we've moved here. I may be forgetting a week or two where people actually came to us, but if I am, it was quickly made up for with several week day trips instead of weekend outings. Not that we're complaining! We totally choose to do that, but NOT THIS WEEKEND - NOT THIS WEEKEND! I swear, ever since we got the new couch, I've liked Corona more. It's like as soon as we had some legitimate comfort, not some forced horribleness taking up way too much square footage, it's like all of a sudden the entire town looks a lot more desirable. I finally feel like I'm ready to be a social being once again!

I'll admit, I went through a very hermit-like period. I only hung out with people from Orange County, and to top it off, every time I was in the OC I would talk about "how much we love it here," and "there's just nothing like this place, there's NO WHERE like it!" and my all time favorite, "ahhh, to live here!" Yes, it's a nice place to live, but gosh dangit, we CHOSE to live HERE! We chose it! No one forced us and it's far from bad! My feeble attempts to make some friends was limited to the street, which obviously is fine for now. I noticed, though, if I was experiencing a lame Corona week, I would hardly make an effort at Carter's school. I would roll out of bed literally 20 minutes before we had to leave, rush through the morning duties and look like a mess while dropping him off, but I wouldn't even care! I would say nice "hello's" to the moms I've met during drop-off and pick-up, but had very little desire to actually set up play dates beyond the few we've been on. Well, that's changing. It's changing, I say! It's been almost 6 months, I'm enjoying our home more than ever and it's time to embrace!

I feel very fortunate that a good amount of my sorority girls live out here in the IE - that fact made me feel more at home instead of a human being who just wanted scream out "MOMMY!" all the time (hahahaha I've never thought of it like that, but that's totally how I've been! A big old baby who wants to be near my mommy - hahahaha). Anyway, that's been great. I just feel like I need to carve out a little local group on top of those get-togethers. It shall be cool!

Lastly, we totally just got back from our appointment in which we officially registered Carter in Kindergarten! Holy cow! I'm very excited for him. One thing that's crazy is that here in C Town school starts in August, not September. So my dude will be IN Kindergarten IN August. Holy guacamole, holy guacamole.

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  1. It sounds like you're really settling in! I just love those 'nowhere to go' weekends.


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