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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life update

* An hour ago we got back from picking up Carter's KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION PACKET! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Yes. The fact that my beyond amazing, chill-as-can-be first born will be leaving us 5 days per week blows my mind. After this year of craziness, though, in which we switched TK's mid school year and I was heard complaining many a'time about how far away we live from everything we hold near and dear, I'm actually very ready for a stable, 5 day per week deal to happen. It will still be insane, but after trying to nurse my "I feel so guilty for ripping you out of school then throwing you into a new, very academically intense new school" sensations, this will be great. God works in mysterious ways!

* Dakota has transferred her sass-a-frass-around-the-house ways to a sass-a-frass-"I-go-to-dance-now-so-bow-down-to-me" character. She now has this sassy little kissy face she does at all times while doing a jazz walk from room to room. She is a gosh darn riot. The other day, while standing in the middle of her insanely messy room with out-stretched arms, she said to me, "Mom, this is your problem." What?! Where did she even learn that???! She is too much, that little 3 year old :)

* Carter has rejoined what is seeming to be his first love of life: skate school! We call it "hockey," and I have to say, he is gosh darn great at it! After an 8 month break from the first session we enrolled him in down in Aliso Viejo, I was nervous that all of the hype we had been putting out there about "BACK TO HOCKEY!" would turn out to be a disappointment. Maybe he wouldn't remember all of the progress he had made? Maybe he would totally face plant and be like, "ummm this is stupid." But you know what?! That child really does look at home on the ice. He's great at it! He kept yelling from the middle of the rink, "MOM! DAD! I WANT TO PLAY WITH THOSE GUYS," while pointing over to these very obviously older dudes who were sprinting in full hockey gear then slamming into the walls. We gave him a thumbs up and hatched a plan on how to get our 5 year old to be the best guy in the class so he'll be bumped up to play with 8 year olds. WE ARE PSYCHOS!

* Gosh freakin' dangit, this last weekend Chad and I ridded ourselves of anything that was hand-me-down or purchased from Craigslist that we loathed. Our garage is piled high with hideous clutter that I just posted to Craigslist for very low prices. I don't even care! Take it all, Inland Empire! We made a decision that we are OFFICIALLY DONE taking on crap that does not appeal to us in the interest of saving a buck or two. While we were at it, we drove on down to Living Spaces and got ourselves a legit couch for the family room. Next a rug will be put down and, since we sold our green ottoman thing, a coffee table and a cool canvas or something for the back wall. We will NOT be held captive to ugly crap! The only thing we kept that we don't absolutely LOVE or that doesn't hold some emotional value (Kota's dresser is some sort of family heir loom), was a dresser that we have in our room. It's far from something we would have chosen ourselves, but hey! It's not HORRID and it has taken care of the previous HORRID armoire. Also, our computer now sits on top of it so it's knocked two birds out with one stone. Our bedroom now feels bigger, especially after chucking the (mom-to-mom sale site purchased) bed frame. We also moved our table around and wouldn't you know it, the house feels SO MUCH BETTER. There are some not-so-awesome pictures above of our newest addition, neither of which does the family room's new situation justice. Ahh, peace of mind!


  1. I hear ta in getting rid of hand-me-down stuff you don't like. We took on anyone and everyone's hand-me-downs when we had the twins, and I'm slowly finding new homes for all the stuff we don't like. It feels so good to clean stuff out!

    1. Right???! It's like, "get out of here!!!" Oh man, too many years of taking on too much weird stuff. I've concluded that I would much rather look at an empty room than a room full of stuff that was not our first choice!!! Go girl!


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