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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Carter's first day of 1st grade! Wah!

 Well gosh-be-darnit, we have a FIRST GRADER UP IN HERE! How can this be? Wasn't he just born yesterday? Did we not drive home from the hospital just a couple of hours ago? I don't get it, I DON'T GET IT.
 He is now home from this wild thing called "All Day School" and is playing video games, per his request. The ONE RULE he said he MUST FOLLOW... are you ready?... was to NOT EAT THE TEACHER! The one rule!

Honestly I just can't believe it - he's in first grade. Truly this is the rest of his life. After dropping my baby off with his amazing teacher (Mrs. Jimenez! Exactly who I wanted him to have!), I pondered the several hours ahead of Kota and I before pick up. It was SO EARLY and we had SO LONG before 2:57. It was mind blowing!

I'm so proud of him. Truly - this kid. He's so confident, secure and ready for whatever is coming at him. From the outfit he picked out to his "seriously mom, no more pictures" words this morning as I walked out his classroom door, he's got my heart. 6 years old and a true master of his little universe - it makes me so happy!
 This is a very weird thought, but the other night we let the kids ride their bikes in the street - something we hardly ever do because Kota can't seem to get the whole "car" thing down. She thinks it's fine to just continue riding on when there's a huge hunk of metal hurling toward her. But anyway, I had this thought exactly: you know, parenting's gone pretty great so far. No complaints. So far, so good. I really like it.

Baha! Those were my actual thoughts! Like hey man, this whole gig is going pretty well. I very much enjoy these little people Chad and I are raising - they're turning out to be alright. It's the most obvious thought in the world but it totally popped into my head! It spanned from finding out we were expecting Carter to that very night where we were all hanging out in front of home in the street.

Truly, what a life! It's so wonderful. We are lucky we get to grow with these littles and watch them come into their own. What a joy!
^^^Love bug!!!!!!

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