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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So I made a DIY blog - there, I said it!

Okay so I've been turning over and over in my mind whether or not I would want to make a new blog for a pretty long time. My hesitation was just that I didn't know if I actually wanted to DO that. Leave this awesome family space? Eek. Put MORE energy into the ol' computer? Eh, it sounded as if something like that would conflict with the little aspect of my life called PARENTING - just a tiny responsibility I have ;)

But alas! I have made a new blog because I've had these INSANE (and I mean INSANE) needs for an additional creative outlet. It's like, the creation of a new web world I felt excited over was NEEDED. And since I've been pretty dang happy with the extent of our DIY's in the place where I feel most passionate (at home, yo!), I decided to just do it and make a separate space where us C's could document that portion of life. (I say "us C's" and pretty much mean... me. Chad is not exactly the blogging type hahaha).

HENCE WAS BORN MINI HOUSE, MIGHTY HEARTS! Go read about that in the new About Me section, why dontchya.

This creative "venture" I guess you could say is a direct result of nesting - THE NESTING WITH THIS BABY! It's clearly out of control, but hey, I love it.

SO! If you are an awesome individual who enjoys watching two humans mess up DIY's then try them again and again and again, go ahead and follow along. Apparently you would have to "subscribe" via email (following on a blog roll is a thing of the past in blogger? I don't know - I felt archaic when asking the blog designer lady where the heck the "followers" section was HAHA!). But if you would like to do that go right ahead, you awesome human, you!

If you follow along via Google+, I'm going to start posting those there just like this blog automatically does.

ALSO - oh my gosh, this has given me actual anxiety - I... kind of... figured out... PINTEREST! Y'all I have PINNED the pictures from Mini House Mighty Hearts! They're out there! On the internets! Just hanging out! On a board of mine! Can you believe it?!!!!!!!! I feel kind of douchey about that part, but a best friend of mine shook me out of my shyness and was like DAMNIT NICOLE! IF YOU GUYS DID A PROJECT AND IT CAME OUT WELL, SHARE IT WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH A SIMILAR PROJECT! DO IT!

So. I did it.

But I'm still going to go hide under a rock because it's slightly embarrassing. Oh well though - I really DO feel happy that I've been chronicling a few of our DIY's in their own little space, albeit in hindsight at the moment.

But anyhoo, I think I'm still going to post family moments up in here. I just can't WALK AWAY from 600+ posts since 2010 of my sweet family! That CAN'T happen! So anyway, yay. I'm slightly embarrassed, feel a bit douchesque, but oh well, what can ya do?! If you mozy over there I hope you like it!

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