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Monday, November 22, 2010

Slap some make up on!

Being a stay-at-home mama about 95% of the time (I teach at the fabulous Purebarre 3 hours a week and go to school on Mondays for 3 hours, which, as I mentioned, is coming to an end soon) is beyond awesome, but it can seriously make a person WAY too relaxed about their wardrobe. I mean, I spend about 1/3 of the day in my PJ's until the little man goes down for his first nap, usually around 10:30ish, then I lug myself into the shower and put on my "casual wear" which basically is nicer version of PJs! This is usually a cute sweatsuit or black pants with a work out shirt. This is what I go grocery shopping in, visit the Paplia family in, and maybe go on a walk in. After spending my day in spandex, hahaha, I decide to throw on my PJ's once again around 9:30 pm.  Ridiculous!

Well, today is the day where I'm choosing to change this horrible cycle. I own jeans, damnit, and I intend to put them to use once again! This inspiration came from my lovely sister Gina, who gets up every morning and puts on a stylish work suit and drives herself to good old Wells Fargo. She looks cute every single day, is it so hard for me to throw on a shirt and slap on some make up?

So, when the little man woke up unusually early from his first nap, I closed my bedroom door so he can crawl around without getting himself into trouble, took a shower, and picked out a cute shirt, put my make up on, and slipped on some closed toed flats! Now I feel fabulous, and I'm about to head off to the grocery store! Shopping in style is my new mantra! So don't expect to find me looking like I have 10 kids anymore! I have one very stylish little boy and I am joining him in the ranks of looking good!

And that's that! Woo!


  1. I feel the same way! I have been checking out the pleated poppy blog for inspiration. She hosts a "what i wore wednesday" and is a way cute dresser! I teach dance too, and while it makes for a lot more laundry i think it is so worth it to actually get dressed for the day!

  2. Cute Nicole!!! Welcome to the world of blogging! Love the blog-keep it up!

  3. um so excited that you have a blog! this makes me very happy even though i have been slacking on my blog writing! love you so much! oh and now being a new mom i'm totally only wearing sweats.. but that's mostly because nothing else fits me! haha. soon enough i'll be skinny again and be a hot mom like you! :)


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