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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

T-Day Eve! (and some sappy thoughts :)

Welp, it's the day before THE BIG DAY and we here at the Cisneros home are comfortably tucked into blankets and drinking coffee (of course!), except for Chadly who is off at work. Poor guy, I get the vibe he is up to his eyeballs in work and having school before and after work doesn't help much (he has school 8:30-9:45 am then 7:00-9:45 pm every Tuesday and Thursday - bummer to the max). Luckily this week he gets a little bit of a break from the grind since we have no school - Thank you Lord! Chad isn't completely free of waking up early this week though. He is voluntarily lugging himself out of bed this Friday at 3:30 am to rush to Sears to buy the first step towards his man cave dream - a new TV! So that way we can put our current TV back in our bedroom and upgrade our living room. Thank goodness my FIL is going to be assisting in this hooking up of our new TV because there is no way I would ever open my lids before the sun is up, it just never is going to happen. So even though I think it's nuts that he is waking up that early, I feel that if there is one person in my life who deserves a splurge and some validation of his hard work, it's my amazing husband!

In regards to some sappy thoughts, I was reflecting this morning about this year's holiday season. Even though every elemenary school teacher in the nation talks about how important it is to be thankful for everything you have year after year, it really is the truth. This truly is the time of year to take a good look around yourself, smell the roses (or in my case, the coffee), and really say a prayer thanking God for everything he has blessed you with. I've been thinking about how my little guy will never be this age again, and even though it's been crazy with the whole nap schedule and teething lately, I really need to hold him every chance I get, and treasure the goofy things he does because, literally, he will never be in this stage again. I know that's true for every state in life, whether you're a baby or an adult, but from a mom's perspective, it's my job to relish in these moments. So I'm going forth this holiday season with a full heart, and feeling so incredibly lucky I can't really express it through writing, or for that matter, any other way. Those are my sappy thoughts for now, and rest assured, there will be plenty more as we pass my little man's birthday (he's turning 1 December 23!) and through Christmas and New Years!

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