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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random thoughts from an exhausted person

{Isn't that sweet?}

Okay, I'm exhausted from taking care of two sick bambinos. It's tough stuff, man! Who would have thought that hanging out on the couch and feeding these kids' their medicine could take so much out of you! Sheesh kapeesh. Anyway, despite said sleepiness, I'm the only one awake right now so I don't really know what to do with myself. Here is what's runnin' through the ole' noggin:

The man fell asleep at 8:37 tonight. 8:37! The only reason I know the exact time is because I literally looked over at him while he closed his eyes, waited for a few seconds to see if he was going to open them back up, then looked at the clock to note his premature slumber. What the heck, husband?! You know I get bored when you fall asleep before me! We are night owls! People-o-the-night! Television-marathoners-once-the-kids-are-asleep-ers! Me no likey. I guess I only prefer my alone time when he has class. Oh, well...

I really really really want to do one of those read-the-Bible-in-one-year things. Do you realize that the first time I ever read the "Jonah and the whale" story was when I read it to Carter the other day??! Ridiculous! How can this be after attending church for the past 24 years? One thing's for sure: I need to hunker down and get my biblical knowledge on...

Speaking of biblical knowledge, I totally love that show GCB! It's the best, and definitely up there with Once Upon a Time! Can I please be a combination of all those women, especially Carlene {and Cricket?}...{okay, and Sharon!}??! Hilarious!

My memory blows. I don't know what's wrong with me, but it's just terrible. The only time I have great retention is when I'm about to take some sort of written test, but since esquela is over now, that's no good to me anymore. Sigh. What shall I do about this? I've already thought about getting my masters just to put that skill to good use, but then I remembered that that just might not be the best idea with two kids under the age of 3...Hmmm...

Okay, that's it for randomness. I think I'll go take a shower? Maybe eat some string cheese?? 
Oh, I don't know!
Wish me luck before bed time!


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