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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy bee

We are busy folk over here in these parts lately! Tons of new things are happening, most of which I will elaborate on later, since apparently, Kota does not like me just sitting here on the computer while she rolls around on our bed. Here are the cliff notes:

We are moving! Out with the old, in with the new, my friend! I'm actually super excited for this because it will mean NO MORE disgusting, filthy, cheap apartment carpet, NO MORE teensy, tiny, secluded kitchen, and certainly MOST importantly, NO MORE STAIRS!
So even though this wonderful apartment has served us well, it's time to move on, sister.
Cheers to new places to host dinner parties and redecorating!

I haven't started Kota on a hardcore schedule yet, but sadly, the time is approaching.
I just love how she sleeps whenever, wherever!
It's so easy!
But every baby needs a schedule in this household, so that's what we shall do. It's funny to think back on when I was so intense about Carter's routine. Literally the DAY he turned two months, it was all hands on deck with nap times, feedings and diaper changes, even though none of it really "took" until about three months. Even when Carts was a few weeks old I was doing all this research on exactly how I should enforce this wild thing called a "schedule," and calling my sister in the hopes that she would spill some trade secrets. It was like operating the Pentagon! Now Kota is a few days past the three month mark and I've hardly stressed about the situation at all. It will all work itself out within the next few weeks :)

Speaking of looming milestones, potty training is right around the corner!
 This will be huge, and I'm quite excited for it, although not so excited for the notorious messiness of the entire process. Anyway, this won't be happening until we get settled in our new abode, so no need to worry about it as of right now. Besides, changing two diapers is easy, and why the heck would I want to go and screw that up? We all remember the big boy bed disaster, right??

All of a sudden I just want to sit on my bootay during nap times. Literally just lay there on the couch. I would rather run around like a wolf was chasing me during Carter's 20 minute Toy Story pre-nap session, cleaning up as much as I can, than tidy up properly while he sleeps. Oh, well. Chad and I laugh about it. We're moving in a few weeks anyway, so I should get a free pass... Yep, that's what I think!

So cheers to it almost being Friday, and tonight being the last of Chad's school week!


  1. I believe whole heartedly, that it is a second child thing. (You know, that lazy nap time thing) After my # 2, I got into the routine of snuggling with Big Brother while baby bro sleeps. Today, 21 months later, I still snuggle with Big Bro when Baby Bro sleeps. I realize that someday I will miss the snuggles, so I take them while I can get them... And do a really quick clean up job right before hubby walks in the door! ;)

  2. So much going on! So where are y'all moving to?


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