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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a whole new terrain: TWO sick babies

Oh my gosh.
Since sometime last week, us four C's have been flipped upside down big time, my friend. Right now I'm sitting here with my sleeping little girl while the boys strategically have left the nest... Something to do with SOMEONE telling SOMEONE ELSE that if she doesn't get some "lie down" time, she might blow a gasket. 
So off they went, like proper gentleman, to give me some peace, and man, oh man, do I ever need some peace!

Last Friday night the kiddos were a little cranky, a little thrashy, and just a teensy bit more clingy than usual, so I made the decision to make the 20 minute drive to the good ole' doctor's office to get them checked out.
Once we were in the actual office and I had both bambinos crying up a storm {literally both babies screaming at the top of their lungs for at least 40 minutes}, we were informed that Kota had a minor cold and Carter had a major cold with a double ear infection.
Okay, not so bad! Nothing I hadn't handled before!
We'll just swing through the pharmacy, grab those antibiotics and carry on!
So, after grabbing those blessed ear drops and the "juice" he was going to have to drink through a syringe, both babies were wonderfully sleepy and relaxed. 
Well, Carter was, anyway.

On came Easter Sunday, and even though my baby baby baby baby girl looked DARLING in her first Easter outfit, girlfriend just looked strung out.
Her poor little eyes were super glassy all day long, and she just didn't seem to know what to do with herself. Finally, that night Chad told he thought it would be a good idea to bring her back in. In hindsight, I feel sort of bad because my reaction to his concern was, "Oh, babe...I think she's fine. They will probably just tell me to weather the storm." But he insisted, and thank goodness!

So now it was Monday morning and Kota just sounded awful. Wheezing, coughing, crying, everything. Carter wasn't doing too hot himself, and was permanently stuck to my leg, once know...pinned him down and tried to force feed him his antibiotics {I assure you, I was not successful}. 
After taking a quick note of our current state, I called up my madre and asked her {told her} that I needed some serious help getting to and from the doctors. Thank goodness she got straight in the car and drove on down to my place, where we bundled ourselves up and made the 20 minute drive AGAIN to the pediatrician.
Now, I totally thought we were going to go in there and they were just going to reinforce their original diagnosis of a bad cold, but MAN was I WRONG.
While Carter rolled around in the waiting room, my mom watched over him for a straight HOUR.
An hour!

We were back there getting oxygen tests and breathing treatments galore!
When I figured out that she does, in fact, have bronchiolitis and there was a possibility that if her oxygen level got too low we were going to have to go to the hospital, I immediately went into HOLY MOLY mode. Out came the cell phone so I could call Chad and simultaneously let my boss know that I would indeed NOT be in to teach my classes that night. Finally, the doctor told me that I needed to drive up the street to Walgreens and get myself a nifty nebulizer along with this super expensive medicine. 

So off we went on that little adventure. 
Picture this: me, frazzled and starving, Carter, fussy because his ears were hurting and really starving, Kota, crying and congested beyond belief, and my mom trying to keep us all from driving off a cliff! It was madness! At last, I paid my left arm for this unexpected nebulizer thing and the medicine, the kids fell asleep and we made the trek home, but not without a quick drive through for some fast food. 
About an hour after settling in, it was time for her first breathing treatment, which THANK GOODNESS, Chad was able to come home for on his lunch break.

Later that day, though, I noticed that her chest was showing some labored breathing so back in the car we went to check on the whole situation, only this time it wasn't a 20 minute drive, it was a 30 minute drive to the sister office because it was after hours! Ay yi yi...I could have driven to Mexico and back and not have been as exhausted as those two trips made me. Luckily, all was well, and her oxygen levels were still low, but better than earlier.

Anyway, the only reason I can even say we were frazzled was because I'm sitting here now all nice and calm, looking back on the horrendousness that was Monday. While it was all happening though, I was actually quite calm {save for the car ride from the doctor's office to Walgreens}.
So now all is well with us C's, with two RECOVERING children!
Now I'm going to go sit on my bed and watch The Little Couple because I deserve some darn rest!


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine how difficult this has been for you! I am so glad to hear they are doing better. Hope they are completely healthy soon!

  2. oh, sick babies are no fun!! but o.m.goodness you have such a cute sick baby :) Glad everyone is doing much better!! I had a similar week last week and definitely not one i'd want to repeat.


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