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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Picture OVERLOAD on this rainy afternoon

Oh man. How behind I am on the visual reminders of cuteness on this here blog is just obscene. Here has been life over the last few weeks (months?) from the ole' iPhone:
 A friend of ours gave us his dart board and let me tell you: I own. Well, that particular night, not so much, hey! What can ya do?

 The result of taking a 2 week hiatus from the grocery store and running out of coffee. (Secret smile!)

 Oy. Chuck E. Cheese's? Not for us. Nope, not at all. I basically wanted to skin myself alive upon leaving, so that will be the last time THIS lady willingly goes there. (To be fair, though, I was super tired. I don't know what we had been up to that day, but I wasn't in the mood for arcade sounds and a humongous, band-leading mouse.)

 THAT particular morning, Chadly TOOK A STROLLER STRIDES CLASS! Yes! It was our Sweetheart Class to celebrate the glory that is Valentines Day, and the poor man died. Died one thousand deaths. It was so hilarious, especially during the warm up when the husbands were having major coordination issues!

 My love when at dinner with the babes!

 "Don't talk to me. Don't stop pushing. What are you doing, Mom? Stop taking the darn picture and push!"

 My Valentine forever, second only to my OTHER Valentine forever, Chadly!

 Valentines Day picks from the Dollar Tree!

 The ladies working it out at Stroller Strides!

 Waiting for our new nephew to be born!!

 Grandma Paplia and Kots in the waiting room!

 Better pictures from this day to come, but here's my niece holding her little brother for the first time!! 


 The madness!

 Woohooo! Gavin's birthday party!

 Carter and Miss. Brooklynn!

 Hanging with our favorite Utah folk!

 Babies galore cheering on their mommies!

 Y'all, I love what I do every single day. I really do! Cheesiness completely aside, I'm the luckiest person in the whole wide world!

 It's a hold-hands-every-day kind of thing. :)

 My obsession. Straight obsession, and I'm not talking about the little dude holding that there awesomeness. I read those bad boys in a matter of 3 weeks, I'm pretty sure. Maybe it was less. Who knows, but go buy them. NOW, fool!

Little Missy playing with Sienna after Stroller Strides during January! So precious. :)

 Sleeping. Face down. Completely face down. :)

 Happy girl :)

 Our Wednesday routine!

 Rainy day kiddos. :)

 Kota with Ryder!

 Some foxy babe at the age of 3. Aka Carter, girl version.

Our NYE 2013!! 

Okay, holy cow. That was intense. Anyway, cheers to getting through that madness!

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