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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sick littles and her FIRST STEPS!

By no stretch of the imagination has the last few days been easy, but holy cow, sometimes I really do love when we have a legitimate excuse to sit on the couch with the TV on (sans guilt), looking at the pictures in books, and to just BE. Such has been the last few days because my sweet bambinos both have ear infections (him: just one; her: both sides!), fevers and Carter has croup. 

Anyway, you would think having two sickies in the house would dampen the fun, but oh no, my friend! Last night Chadly and I left the babes with Grandma Cisneros and had a fun night out with a few awesome couple friends, Chad came home early from work today and I have been delightfully busy with Stroller Strides! A great last few days, I tell you, a great last few days.

But the best part of all: KOTA TOOK HER FIRST 5 STEPS IN A ROW TONIGHT! Yes!!! I had just taken the kids out of the bath and Chad was drying her off while I sat in the hall way with Carter. He was buttoning her little onesie pajamas with her standing up in this awkward, semi crouched position with a really weird look on her face. She looked like she was a frozen, teensy-tiny, uncomfortable little lady with a terrible thought running through her head! Anyway, Chad let go of her onesie and said, "What are you doing, baby? Are you going to walk to Mommy?" 

AND SHE DID! She took her first step - which she's done before, but never accompanied with any other ones - then just kept going! It was so amazing! She took a total of 5 steps, I believe. I mean, who cares about dealing with runny noses, coughs that could blow your hair off and spending over an hour in a dingy walk-in pediatric office with horribly sick children all around you when you have moments like that?! It gave me such a happy bolt of energy tonight. These little ones, I tell ya...
 ... They make me pretty gosh darn happy.
 In the morn.
 Even though every fiber of my body wanted to leave the horribleness that was the weekend answer to the kids' pediatrician's office, I had to admit it was pretty gosh darn cool!
Right before she fell asleep waiting for the doctor. :)


  1. Poor things! Hope they are feeling better.

  2. Aw, hope the wee ones feel better now and you must be such a proud mama!
    Jillian -

  3. Even sick they are way too adorable!


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