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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I know this is cheesy, but I am just so gosh darn content living in this here house... NOT in Orange County! What has happened to me? Who am I?! How can this be so?!

I used to think that the label of the "Inland Empire" was pretty, well... gross. I mean, "the Inland Empire???" It sounds like something Darth Vader would like to have under his control. "Orange County" is just so sing-songy and beautiful... the IE? Yuck! But NOW! It's like some foreign being has crawled into my body, making me do things like stay home for 6 days straight - not even turning on the car once! - and gardening and just looooooving doing laundry because it's in OUR garage! I know! What on earth!!!! Things have truly been the best. This was so not us over the last few years while living in rental hell. It used to be as soon as the four of us entered the door we were looking for a reason to leave again. Staying at home was unbearable! Here... it's the opposite and I couldn't be more enthused to say so.

I know that part of the contentment probably has to do with the fact that with the holiday festivities we have plenty of reasons to run to Orange County for a play date or family fun thing, so it will be interesting to see how I feel in say, March, but for now I'm just loving it.

Also, this last weekend our family took a trip down to Phoenix where my two best friends have lived for the last few years. Now, neither one of them live any where near their families. The closest lone member to either one of them lives 2 hours away, and the rest are 6+ hours or a plane ride removed. They just moved there because that's what their lives were calling for at the time (one for a job, another to pursue an awesome dream of hers). Seeing them so entrenched and in love with this entire life they had created out of essentially nothing was so encouraging to me. It made me feel great about actually enjoying living NOT super close to my family (even though, let's be real, it's only about 40 minutes away). Prior to our trip, I would think to myself "man, I love living here! ....but it's not Orange County so I don't want to love it too much because that means that I'm officially okay with not living in Orange County." Of course I will probably have millions more thoughts like those, but I'm pretty darn happy hangin' in these here 1,350 square feet. It's the bomb!

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