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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yearly planner fill-in

Last night I filled in my planner for 2015 - a yearly task I get way too excited for. As I sat there and cross examined January - December with Chadly, I realized just how much happens in one year's time. All of the birthdays between our two families, plans on how we're going to save up for this and that, Christmas and birthday thoughts, weddings, kids' birthday parties for our close friends, dance classes, hockey programs, spring soccer, football in the fall, preschool and kindergarten registration coming up in March. The overall view of it all is pretty amazing, if not a tad bit overwhelming. About half way through my inner thoughts on operation dog: just how much per week should I put away to make this thing happen, I started to think of what an undertaking it is to operate a wonderful family life. We are in it! Totally immersed in what we're told is the best time of our lives. Play dates, brunches, entertaining. Weekend getaways, watching movies on the couch, rough-housing with daddy. Praying before meals, constructing tricycles, organizing tools on peg board in the garage. Researching dogs for our family of four (with one boy and one girl!) - a Norman Rockwell painting, we have become! How on earth?! It's thrilling!

I'm thankful for a little perspective. 2015 is going to be a rad year with these thoughts. I'm praying to maintain this viewpoint and to remember to take things slow. If I ever get a tattoo in my life it would read simply, "be still." I've been practicing that sentiment and I think it's what's responsible for said perspective. Very thankful, up in herre!

Other things I'm thankful for from 2014:

- Chad and my 5th anniversary trip to San Diego where we made our "before 30 bucket lists."

- Actually realizing how much freakin' fun kids are at this age in the most awesome way: Knott's Berry Farm rollercoasters, watch out for us!

- Chad's work life!

- Me feeling like I've checked the boxes I wanted to check in my twenties in regards to work and feeling completely ready and great about becoming a full time stay-at-homer.

- The house!

- Chad and I "pulling the trigger" on several areas of life and having the support of families at the same time!

- Our Dave Ramsey ways hitting the official 1 year mark and still going.

- Friends who we love dearly.

- The Paplia brother being awesome: the dude has been dedicated to going into the Marines. A year ago, we had been going on about year 3 of praying insanely hard for him. Prayers are answered, we know that now more than ever. Perseverance, a great attitude and just an overall wonderful force he is in our family is what we have to be thankful for, all of which began in 2014.

- The Paplia sister being a badass pushing out child number 3! Goooooooo Gina!!!!

- Cisneros brother finding fulfillment in flight school - woohoooo!

- And of course, all of our family members!!! (And sushi!)

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