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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rants be like

1. Snow pooped 6 times last night. "Pooped" is actually a gratuitous description. It was actually more like "peed from his butt." Two nights ago, the poor fellow started crying loudly at 3 in the morning, so trying to be the cry-it-out parent that I am, I fell back asleep. A few minutes later I woke up to a silent Snow but a deathly scented bedroom. He pooped in his crate at 3 am and peed outside with Chad afterwards. Then yesterday he pooped a ridiculous amount of times, one of which occurring IN CHAD'S CAR (!!!!!!) after his shots. Poor guy! So with his apparently upset tummy, I committed to waking up to every little whine last night. I punched the poop clock at 11:45, 1:30, 3:45, 4:30 and then Chad took 5:00 and then his morning diarrhea at 6:00. Sheesh! Oh and let me tell you, picking up dog diarrhea is a real glamorous endeavor. It's reeeeeeeeal nice. We think it's a combination of the change in dog food, increase in the quantity of his food, shots and also that I switched from turkey to chicken when rewarding him. I think that chicken was bad. Woopsies, sorry Snow Snow! :(

2. This morning being a busy-around-the-house type of Sunday, Chad told Carter and Kota that they couldn't go knock on their friends' door to see if they could play. I told them that they had to wait about an hour - the neighbors could be at church or just relaxing. Anyway, what did the two of them do? They walked out into the street (!), looked left and right, then ran across straight to the other kids' door! I had Snow, so could just sort of walk behind them saying, "guys! What are you doing???" Without answering me, they knocked and asked their dad if they could play! The poor dad came out to find me standing their lamely with my puppy and told me that he would send the girls out in 15 minutes. GREAT. So then we HAD to go pick up the poop in the backyard. Next I didn't want anyone inside the house I had cleaned just minutes before, so every other second I was corralling the group into the muggy garage. The whole play date was sprung upon Chad and I - two humans who already had our hands full! I legitimately was like, "wth, kids of mine? Wth?" in my head. The neighbors wanted to play with Snow, but Snow didn't want to play with them necessarily. It was ridiculous! I was getting a little snappy, because come on! We couldn't believe the blatant disregard for our authority shown by Carter and Kota. Man! Anyway. At 11:00 I told the kids that IT WAS TIME FOR LUNCH SO SAY GOOD-BYE TO YOUR FRIENDS, then didn't even eat until 12:00. Look man, I'm all for massive play dates in and around our house at all times, it's supposed to be part of the packaged deal when one home-buys, but sheesh. It was not a cool thing today!

3. In the midst of the muggy poop-picking-up-in-the-heat and play-date-ridiculousness, I was experiencing some major Ladera Ranch FOMO. The Corona and IE love is real, but every once in awhile I'll get these major jabs of missing the LR. I don't know if it's family based, Ladera amenities based or just "the people of Ladera" centered, but man can it sting, my friend! I start thinking wild thoughts like, "hey, I know the Ladera HOA's are astronomical, but look what you get! They garden your own damn lawn! The pools! The 'complimentary' house painting! The checking for termite damage! The white people!" (That last one is kind of messed up, but hey.) Two other events spurred this round of LR FOMO: witnessing teenagers (not toddlers) at the lone Corona source of summer water fun: the splash pad; and having our on-ramp to the 91 blocked off the other day, causing a 55 minute wait just to get onto that stupid freeway. I don't want my children being 14 years old at a splash pad in Corona. I also don't want to mentally fight that freeway for eternity. Anyway, this is all truly crazy talk. I know I'll be over this in a few days, if not hours, but it is nice to know that I think us Cisneros's will only reside in either Corona or Ladera for the remainder of our lives as we know it. Hahahaha. Okay that was too dramatic.

Okay, that's enough. I'm done with my life rant. I think it's time to go take a shower to get ready for Chad's birthday BBQ at Grandpa Ernie's house. Wooohooooooo for my man's 27th! He's so awesome. Love that yard-lovin' man!

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