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Thursday, July 2, 2015


As of June 12th, 2015, the youngest Paplia has completed boot camp - HE'S A MARINE!!!! Oh my goodness, thinking of this day still creates a well-up of emotion. This guy. This GUY! We are so proud of him. From choosing this life path back in early 2014, to following through with all of the surprisingly insane enlistment demands, to making it through the first 72 hours of hell after leaving the comfiness of my parents' house, and to just, heck, surviving it all - the whole thing is so unbelievable!

I'm going to pretend like my brother reads this thing for a sec: Vince, you are a true badass. We love your determination and are so inspired by everything you've accomplished. The lifestyle you've taken on and the discipline it requires still blows my mind. On top of everything, we are so happy to get to hear your thoughts, memories and awesome takeaways from the last few months while you were busy transforming into the dude you are today. What a massive change! We all can't wait to hang out with you again as soon as you return from Pendleton in just a few weeks! Just so darn cool! Anyhoo, love you, Vincenzo.

Pictures, be abundant!

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