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Monday, August 31, 2015

Awesome thoughts

Well, how about this? My insane defense of anything Duggar related has lost it's intensity by 1/21th (21st?). I even defended him after that initial molestation scandal! "Hey guys, he was a young guy going through puberty. He just was interested in girls! He's said he's sorry, okay? BACK OFF OF JOSH!" Hahaha. But no, this guy needs help. The whole thing is scary! He's a legitimate psychopath. Maaaaaaaybe, just maybe, if his whole life wasn't centered around morality and the promotion of family life, it wouldn't be so deeply freaky. But to spend day and night saying you're one person and not giving off any clue that you have such demons????! Truly scary! Poor Anna! I wonder what she will do. Honestly, I wouldn't want this guy around my daughter. He can't control himself! Literally!

People, 105 degree weather. It's not okay. It's just not. So this last weekend I had a family friend's bridal shower, so the kiddos and I took off for OC around 9:30 in the morning, leaving Snow and the little white fur ball we're pet sitting at home in their respective crates. I didn't give Roony (Kota's Princess Pet) any water because my logic was like, "hey, Snow doesn't get water, so you'll be fine." About half way through the shower, I was thinking how nice the breeze felt there in the Covenant Hills community we were in. "Ahhh, this is nice. Too bad Corona is the devil's arm pit right now." And then it struck me: I hadn't left the air on for the dogs. If it was just Snow at home, I would know he was okay being the solid beast that he is, but we had ROONY THERE! He is the smallest, flimsiest dog I've ever come across! Oh my gosh, the seed was planted in my head: the dog will be dead when I get home. I may as well have left that little thing in a burning car. WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO?! I immediately texted Chad, "I forgot to leave the air on for the dogs! I forgot to leave the air on for the dogs! Do you think it's okay? Oh my goodness gracious!" He said it was all good, but I was still very stressed. Finally I came to the conclusion that people leave their dogs at home everyday while working 8+ hours, but still, it was very traumatizing. Once we arrived home, I sprinted from the car, leaving it on with the sleeping babes in their seats, swung open the door and THANK THE GOOD LORD, heard Roony's high pitched bark. My gosh!

^^^Carter, chowing down with his "king's spoon and bowl." Anyway, the Newport timeshare getaway screwed with all of our heads. Yes it was amazing, but I really don't know if we can do that again next year. I think one night max needs to be our cap. We certainly can't miss school and sports like we did this year. Not only did I FORGET about this mini test thing Carter had that Tuesday, I somehow missed a very important email from Carter's teacher! Talk about feeling incompetent! With the missing of sports, both Carter and Kota are like balloons that have been blown up excessively. Each one is a second away from snapping. Energy needs to be constructively run out! I know the heat has something to do with this, as we haven't left home in fear of the high temps coming into contact with our actual skin, but the "woohoo-ness" of that trip went too far!

 ^^^But it was still very awesome.

 I can't wait to do our master bedroom, I can't wait to do our master bedroom, falalalalalala!

 Okay, Kota does not want it to be quiet time anymore. Sofia the First is no longer holding her attention.

But here's a fun fact! I'm the official assistant room mom for Carter's class! I'm so excited, containment is necessary. It's so darn cool too because the room mom is this chick who I totally clicked with! Sooooooooo excited!

 I shall go switch the laundry now. The theme of this week is "normalcy." Nothing weird. No out of town trips (ever again during the school year), no forgetting about mini tests, no postponing the house work. Me likey normalcy.

^^^Isn't this mask hilarious? I'm not kidding, it looked so bizarre when Carter was walking around the house. Oh, my little super hero!

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