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Friday, August 14, 2015

Quiet time thoughts

I have absolutely nothing of significance to write, but due to the recent recognition of our lives moving along at lightning speed, it's important to document, even if it IS willy nilly.
* It's hot today. Tomorrow the forecast predicts that good ol' Corona will rest somewhere between 105-112 degrees! ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE TO ONE HUNDRED AND TWELVE DEGREES! What planet are we on? Mars?

* Said heat shall lead me toward the happiest place on earth: la playa! The SIL asked Chad and I if she can watch the kiddos on Saturday night, so I'm engaging in a nice "hey, what are you doing this weekend?" text with one of my best friends ever. With any luck, the two of us will be beachin' it up tomorrow afternoon!

* Yesterday I was a whopping 20 minutes late to an appointment in Yorba Linda. It was set at 4:30, but Chad couldn't make it home until 4:15. So I hopped in the car with my delicious smoothie, tried to call the office again to let them know I'd be just a taaaaaad bit late, and then got to calling Whitney, perpetually my phone tag partner. I didn't get on the freeway until 4:19, but somehow made it to my off ramp by 4:26. Next, I made the stupidest wrong turn ever, causing me to take a little joy ride through the neighborhood Chad grew up in. Didn't I live in Yorba Linda for 11 months??? Anyhoo, luckily they still took me, and it ended up being fabulous because Whit and I got to talk uninterrupted for close to an hour. Win!

* As thrilling as it is to have Carter's mind stimulated for 4 hours Monday-Friday, it also leaves me completely spent by the end of the day. I know it's just because it's the first week and eventually we will all get used to the new schedule, but man! The last two nights I've been so snappy! Yesterday, to combat Crazy Mom, I made a check list of things to do in the morning and then things to do in the afternoon. Luckily my children are shaping up to be major list-checker-offers, so this works. Carter gets to check off the columns of "waking up, breakfast, play, Snow's walk, clean rooms, snack, homework and get ready for school" for all the days of August. Structure = safety from yelling mother because she's so tired from entertaining Kota and Snow while getting Carter to school on time and pick up. Anyway, despite complaint, still looooooooove everything about this whole Kindergarten thing.

* So yesterday after the appointment in YL, I picked up some sushi for us and asked Chad if he wanted red or white wine. He answered back with "red, and can you get me a Coors Light tall boy?" to which I answered, "yes, ye 909er." So anyway, I was in the store grabbing a bottle of wine and searching for his tall boy, and then I got this feeling like, "hey Carter's in Kindergarten now at the local public school. We are sooooooo community members! I could see a fellow Susan B. Anthony mother here at the store! How thrilling and cool would that be?? WE ARE SETTLED!" So it was a good feeling! But then I was like, "hey man, I'm totally just buying wine and a tall boy. That would be slightly weird to bump into someone right now." What a ridiculous thing to think about! Haha! But I totally rushed over to the check out and then didn't really make eye contact with anyone, lest they recognize me from Kinder pick up! Hahahaha! Apparently, with my new status as a Corona-community-member-enjoyer, I must purchase my alcohol alongside regular grocery hauls.

* Did you know that a napping three year old, a snoring dog and the annoying sound of the a/c right outside the window are the best things in the world?

* Pictures are from Carter's first day of Kindergarten. Obvi an entire website needs to be made to properly accommodate all of my feelings on the matter, but I guess next post will have to do. Love that munchkin so much! (In fact I can't believe that THAT didn't come to mind when I sat down to document today! "I have absolutely nothing of significance to write..." Ummmmm, helloooooooo!!!)

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