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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Babblings of a kindergartener's mother

* Snow did his first big thing of crazy puppiness and chewed through our keyboard's chord, so I've been disconnected to the ol' blog, and man! It was not cool. It's funny how I was a crazy obsessed blog person a few years ago, then went through a two year not-so-obsessed time, and then kind of mozied on back toward the loving-it zone. All the heart eyes for this little place.

* Carter started kindergarten yesterday! Holy freaking cow freaking guacamole freaking ridiculousness. How can this be? The whole morning was spent trying to hold back the surprisingly strong knot in my throat. Once we got there and he was just like, "bye, Mom! See you later!" I definitely almost completely cut loose. He's growing up, that little 5 year old of ours! It is both the most fun thing in the entire world and the most horrifying.

* Kota will be starting preschool in two weeks, which also blows my mind! Who are we? In the meantime, she has quiet time from 1-3, just like Carter did. I've officially pulled the child's naps. I'll tell you what: this child does not do quiet time like her big brother. She would rather play for the entire 4 hour span Carter is gone. I just caught her giving Snow Cheez Its! No, Kota, no!!! She's a hoot.


* Just got back from picking Carter up from his second day of school. Is this real life? We walk the 10 minutes with our neighbor, then Carter and the younger daughter scooter home. Come on, with that suburban dream!

* I'm kind of liking this day-long post! It started like 4 hours ago while I was transferring every video we've ever taken to DropBox (trying to carry through on my New Year's Resolution for this year. And 2014... and 2013... and 2012... 2011. 2010).

* Snow and I went on his first 3 mile jog! I was finally ready to up the ante from controlled, stroller walking to a solo faster pace trip. What does the high-energy guy do? Take a seat on the grass most of the time. Anyhoo, when we finally made it home, the dude couldn't muster up enough energy to wake up for dinner. He slept the whole night away.

* So gosh dangit. I had written a ton more little factoids and because my computer kept disconnecting from the internet, it didn't save. Then the whole thing got so bad that I had to restart the damn thing, so my cool little blurps have been lost forever. Boo, because I really was enjoying writing about how Kota started experimenting with hair spray and Carter was disregarding my "OKAY CARTER THE TIMER IS BEEPING IT'S TIME TO TURN OFF YOUR VIDEO GAMES" yells from the bedroom. Oh well, such is life!

* But the good news is, this post is still going. At this point it's been like 8 hours since it's genesis, so to date this has got to be the best babbling of all time. At one point, I was even watching The Pioneer Woman while the munchkins were playing quietly in Carter's room with the door shut and Snow was sleeping. Yes! It was very, very, very awesome. Woo!

** There is no rhyme or reason to any of these pictures. They don't correlate to any words, they're just what we've been doing. Another reason this is the best post ever.

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