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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movin' on up

So last night when Chadly got off work, he bought 20 lotto tickets.
He told me this as I started the long drive home from a family birthday party, so I had lots of car time to contemplate just how we would spend our spoils once we, ya know, won.
My mom was with me at the time, so the two of us just laughed when Chad explained that we were, in fact, shooting for the Mega Mills, but y'all, in my head, I was serious.

As soon as I got home and saw our tickets to millionaire-dome, I asked Chad what the heck we would do with our money.
We started talking about how, obviously, we would buy up a ton of land across the U.S. and develop it, and then, of course, buy ourselves a few dozen homes around the world, all after paying off our family's homes, setting up our children with their Ivy League college tuition accounts, AND creating trust funds for our brothers.
Which they wouldn't be able to access until they were 30 so that way we wouldn't be killing their ambition during their 20's!

What the hell were we talking about?!
We were being totally serious!

And then, in order to make our several homes that we purchased  around the globe "make sense," we would just have to buy ourselves a private jet. But then upon further thought, we decided that those private jets are sketchy because how many commercial jets have crashed within the past 10 years? Not as many as private jets!
So we scratched that, and decided to just stick with first class, which I was totally fine with because I actually enjoy the airport experience.

So the issue of the jet was settled.

Anyway, 8:00 finally rolled around and the numbers were announced, and we totally did not win.
Dashed were my dreams of owning a villa in the south of France, gone were the trust funds!

Oh, well.
I guess we will have to earn our cashola the old fashion way.
{Or by playing again next week! Woohooo for no winners!}

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