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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A beyond obvious statement

It's funny how sometimes parents can become completely enraptured with phrases like won't it be so awesome when Babe #1 will be playing football and Babe #2 will be cheering from the sidelines in her precious little cheerleader outfit? Or I can't wait for our baby girl to totally own the stage when she starts to compete in the categories of jazz, ballet, tap, modern, etc. etc. etc. Right? Right?!

But really, that might never, ever happen. Carter may hate the sport of football. He might loathe the process of fishing. Kota might want to dig deeper into the world of BMX instead of go shopping for pointe shoes with me. Chad and I might actually have to argue with either or both children about the importance of doing well in school. 
You just never-gosh-darn know!

But here's what we do know, 
{obvious statement ahead}:
once we figure out that thing for both Carter and Kota and for any of our possible future babes, helping to foster the growth and spark further passions within those realms will be beyond rewarding for all of us, even if their interests lie beyond Chad and my outrageously stereotypical won't that be awesome when day dreams, even though we know we're just being silly.
{Did I mention "run-on" as well?}

Anyway, I don't know why that struck me so strongly today, I was just thinking about what a blessing it is to be able to hang out with these two bambinos. We get to see them grow and change at such a rapid pace, it's truly a miracle to just have them around, ready and willing to "help mom with dishes!" Or "feed the baby with THIS spoon!" Or roll completely underneath the piano for optimal viewpoints of mom while she lazily sips on her coffee in the morning! 

The joys, the joys!
{For real, though: the joys!}


  1. The Mister and I also talk in very stereotypical terms about the activities our future babe will-I mean, may-take part in. More often than not, however, It seems like kids want to do the opposite of what their parents we're preparing for the possibility of a brooding musician, too. Ha.

  2. I love this. We are at a stage in life when my boys are starting to do sports and I just signed my baby girl up for dance. We are walking a fine line wanting them to try everything, and wondering what age is the age they can make the decision not to do one sport or another, whether they play guitar or drums or anything. It is a strange place to be for sure, but I couldn't agree more with you, when they find their passions we want to support them 100%.


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