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Friday, July 27, 2012

Findings in Fitness

Ahh, more findings!
Okay, so here's what I learned today on my weekly Sprouts outing:

Did you hear that?! Building muscle burns the fat right off your body! My thoughts on muscle building while trying to lose weight has always been that of this:
If you're trying to lose weight, say, around your stomach, you wouldn't want to build abdominal muscle until you completely get rid of the fat so as not to add even more girth. made sense in my head.
But I was wrong!

Back in the day, a friend of mine who was a kinesiology major would always mention how ridiculous it was that girls spent a good 3 hours on the treadmill, but no time lifting weights. In my head, I would always think, Well, yeah. Who wants to build muscle as a woman? But if you're just doing cardio, you're actually doing yourself a major disservice because you're not creating a strong foundation for your new, hot, sexy-time body.

Anyway, such is what Suzie told me today in the section which used to scare me: the au-naturalle isles.
I told her that my husband and I had been eating healthy and working out lately yada yada yada, so she gave me a little tutorial in what we should be doing to avoid a plateau. It was quite interesting. She said we should include a protein supplement to our daily routine and referred me to her favorite: Dutch Chocolate.
Dutch Chocolate, man.

A more appropriate title would have been:
Chocolatey Chocolatey Chocolatey Chocolatey McChocolatester.
Too sweet, I tell you, too sweet!
But that's what we get for mixing it with just water.
Next time there will most definitely be a blender present, along with a banana and some sort of liquid, but not milk because dairy will make us gain weight at night (another thing Suz told me today!).

Anyway, cheers to the other protein supplement drinkers out there! 
We have now joined your ranks!

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  1. i drink my protein every morning with my smoothie! health kick here i come!



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