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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Challenge check in + Random fitness facts

Okay, so before I forget them, here they are:

- It takes more calories to burn cold water, and it will quench your thirst, but warm water is what makes you feel full, so if you're trying to fill up your stomach before a big meal then drink lukewarm water!

- The dude from Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit taught me this: it doesn't take much to look horrible. The guy just stopped working out, added one meal of fast food per week, ate a few carbs and man, did he explode. Seriously, go check him out. NOW! Talk about dedication and awesomeness.

- THIS WAS THE BIGGIE: People are always so concerned about eating too many carbs, but really, you should be making sure you're eating enough to support an active lifestyle! The psychology of working out is to always lose, lose, lose, but if you're not supporting yourself correctly then it can become counterproductive. Anyway, out of curiosity I made a Calorie Counter account, put in my information like my weight, height, the fact that I'm nursing and how much exercise I do daily, then they gave me a calorie count to maintain my current weight. After installing the app on the ole' iPhone, I tracked what I ate, and guess what?! I totally thought I would be way over, but just naturally I seem to eat exactly what they told me: 1700 calories {well, with activities comes points, so I was able to eat a little bit more than that in order to support whatever workout I was doing to for the day, but it always hit the amount they told me}! I thought that was so awesome for some reason!

Anyway, here is where I'm at with our current 10 day challenge, having not done anything yet today:

16.66/27 miles
1,100/3,500 sit-ups
275/500 push-ups

And in the spirit of my perpetual need to list, here are some other cool side effects to these here challenges:

- Between the sit-ups and the push-ups, I can really see a difference in my core. When people used to talk to me about their gosh darn "core," I honestly was sort of like, "Yeah, yeah, okay whatever," but seriously, it makes a HUGE difference! I took a Purebarre class on Sunday, and getting through the various exercises was not such a humongous deal, allowing me to focus on other body parts! It was so cool!

- I feel like during our next 10 day challenge I can add some weights into the mix. After a bajillion push-ups, these babies can handle it. Maybe in one year when these guns are rubbing elbows with the P90X crowd, I'll get a tribal tattoo around my bicep? Just a thought.

- Hubster is being a total BA in the fitness realm. He is awesome, awesome I tell you!

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