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Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh, just speeding on through

So my last few posts have consisted of nothing but lists, but you know what? That's the easiest way to talk about life with two teensy babes! Well, not so "teensy" anymore, but you get the idea. Here's what's going on around here as of this week:

My precious baby baby Kota bear is significantly past the six month mark! Here are her tiny little stats: head, 50th percentile; height, 25th percentile; and weight, 8th percentile! 8TH PERCENTILE! So, so, so beyond special :)

Carter is now a maniac. The kid has gone insane in the membrane. Bed time? What's that?! He would rather lie down next to the banister and stare and Chad and I as we sit unsuspectingly eating dinner "alone." Car toys? MINE! Baby sister? MINE! Bath time? TIDAL WAVES! Listening to mommy? HECK TO THE NO! Harassing my lap top? OF COURSE! Sheesh kapeesh! Good thing he's cute. Seriously. Good thing he's cute.

Chad and I are pretty much desperate for a weekend away since everyone we know seems to have taken off to either Hawaii, San Francisco or Vegas. How come everyone is jet setting away and we are not? I don't know, man, but all these pictures on Instagram of far off places are making me mighty antsy!

Chadly has BOTH Saturday AND Sunday off this weekend, and we are attending a wedding on the first of those blessed two days! Woohoo! This means DRESS SHOPPING! 

Speaking of shopping, we took off to the Carlsbad Outlets yesterday {Sunday} and went on a much, much, much, much, MUCH needed closet rejuvenation mission just for me! Here is the back story: Last week I went out to see Rock of Ages with one of my favorite pals in the whole wide world, and on the drive down south, I got to thinkin', see. I was taking stock of my there outfit and here is what I noted: my jeans were purchased over two years ago for $7 at TJ Maxx {proud buy!}, my shirt was given to me by my sister from when I was PREGNANT WITH CARTER {!!!}, and the shirt I was wearing on top of that one was purchased two-and-a-half years ago only because I got it for 40% off! Now listen, I'm all about getting as much bang for your buck out of belongings as possible, but that's just ridiculous. Especially the shirt that I wore when I was pregnant with Carts! So after telling Chad this in an "Isn't-it-just-ridiculous-how-hard-it-is-to-spend-some-dough-on-yourself-once-you-have-kids" sort of way, he surprised me with a family outing to celebrate the wonderfulness that is shopping! It was fab! Pictures of my awesome, bright colored denim and pretty, pretty white shirts to come!

Anyway, cheers to quick lists about the family while watching your toddler give you angry looks for staring at your lap top! 


  1. Love when your man treats you!! YOU DESERVE IT!! and I finally found one who does that stuff for me too!!! WHO would have thought just a few years prior we were chatting it up in our BUNK BEDS in the AXO house talking about the men we might marry one day!!! Always a good read LOVE YOU BESTIE


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