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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Some weird fitness thoughts

Okay, so you know how people are always all stoked on some fitness trend or fad and then out of no where, completely loses interest? Well, I guess bodies and mentalities work in two week loops. Two weeks of awesomeness, then two weeks of horridness. Anyway, I think I hit a mellow sort of horridness, as walking my butt off sort of took a backseat to more important endeavors, such as lying on the couch.
Lying on the couch watching others perform outrageous feats, like manhandling uneven bars.

Not to worry, though, because apparently my sense of awesomeness in the fitness realm did not wane in the least when it came to telling certain men in my life what to do with their fitness regimens. Poor husband. Poor, poor husband. I wonder if it was obvious from my text messages that I was basically shewing him out the door to hit the pavement before he had even walked in the door from work. Aren't I a sweet wife?

Anyway, in a matter completely unrelated to my slovenly ways, I have a sad sort of announcement:
tomorrow is my last day at my beloved Purebarre!
Just one more measly class then I'm done for good, officially a stay-at-homer. It makes me sad because I genuinely love my Purebarre people! What am I going to do now that I won't be able to hear anymore about Anne's neighborly woes?! Who will listen to the debacle of how much a new homeowner should spend on landscape versus decor?! Truly, TRULY, it is a sadness.

But on the other hand, I'm super excited to not have to worry about the madness that is getting both kids ready just for a few hours of me heading to work (come hell or high water), to basically break even at the end of the day. It's too far a drive, one which doesn't warrant the small amount of hours I was working. 

Speaking of how small the amount of hours were, I don't think it matters how little or how much one works, it's just the fact that there's a commitment outside of the home that causes a sense of good, positive stress. Does that make sense? I don't know. I actually like having something going on outside of my little family, making the fact that I'm severing my remaining tie to the outside world all the more scary. It feels like I'm looking out over an abyss of nothingness, even though I'm perfectly aware of how absurd that is!

Moving on from that point though (anyone still there?), but still remaining within the topic of ties to the outside world, it's so, so, so, so, so, so, so, SO important to really make the effort to get out there and form relationships with people who are in the same world as you are - and who are not just in your family! I know, I know: obvious statement of the year, but seriously! Not only does it show your kids how to hang out in a group, but it's always a good time for you, which (let's face it), is the most important thing in the world. (Just kidding! But really.)

Anyway, of course Purebarre always gave me that outlet, and before/during my time there we were always doing some sort of mommy and me group and/or hanging with my other mama friends or with the sister and my niece, but now that we live out here in no-man's-land, I was majorly lacking a sense of cool lady friends WITHOUT having to make a 45 minute drive back to our old stomping grounds. 

All of which brought me to today's adventure: the kiddos and I went to Stroller Strides! Yes! We did and it was darn awesome. I was one of those women you see alongside the road doing awkward squats with a stroller in a large group. It's okay, no need to be nice . . . before I had kids I always thought that was sort of lame in a cruel and insensitive sort of way, but holy guacamole. I died plenty an early death while on that roadside. Literally. My muscles died. I died. It was hard as all getup, but the most awesome part about it was that we were out-and-about with some funny women.

So here's a recap: I hit a lull in the hubby and mine's walking regimen (yet still forced him not to lose steam like the Bossy-McBosster that I am), am on the brink of becoming a full time stay-at-home-mamacita (even though I have a totally cool thing going on, but don't want to say anything until it's written in cement as not to jinx it!), and last, but certainly not least, got an unlimited monthly package to Stroller Strides!

So woohooo!


  1. Can't wait to hear what is in the works.
    It is hard to have a job with just a few hours at a tie. It is hard to justify if it is worth it. You will find other outlets. Esp. with school starting. It is an important job being a stay at home mom.

  2. Ah, welcome to North Orange County! When we moved to Chino Hills, it really felt like no mans land, even though good ol YL is merely 15 min away. Anyway, anytime you want to introduce Carter to his little GF, let us know! We aren't far ; )


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