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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The kids and I

Alright, obvious title, as that is the crux of my life during America's working hours, but I feel like I need to document the new plateau we have reached. It's the three of us. The three amigos, ying-yang-and-yong (?), compadres till the end. I don't know how to put it exactly, but somewhere between the potty training and insane amount of size 2 diapers lying on our dresser, the three of us have learned to just gel. A few months ago, I'll admit that it was either Carter-and-I + the baby, or Kota-and-I + Carter. Never a threesome, but rather a I can't give you both my full attention, so I need to focus on one but try my best not to leave-out the other sort of thing. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the combination of Chadly's new work day responsibilities (proud wife!) and my new status as a full-time stay-at-homer has led to this most pleasant of realities. Now Chad comes home to three people who have been letting down their hair in all that is domestic, something which has been quite enjoyable, to the surprise of moi. For example, today there was not one dish left in the sink. I KNOW! In fact, amongst the dishless kitchen, we made a cake. AND I made the world's most delicious batch of baby food (okay, I have to share this one: carrots, broccoli, butter, salt and garlic seasoning. OH. MY. GOSH). For some reason, reveling in such activities brings about a sense of balance and joy, instead of an I'm-about-to-pull-my-hair-out by the end of the day type of thing. 

Who knows what it is about calmly moving throughout the day that creates such cohesiveness! 

Anyway, another big development in three-amigo-land is this new active level of fun-having by the youngest C's. Carter has always sort of laughed and played with Kota and she would always laugh back and look intrigued, but now it's a two way street! They both just giggle it up all day long! The car is the best. All of a sudden I'll look in the rear view mirror and there's Carter, making funny faces at the baby! Yes! And she's only seven months old! 

In my opinion, the only direction we can go is up in the sibling camaraderie department, further affirming my thoughts that bangin' out the two was the right thing to do for us. 

Anyway, it has been nice. Very nice, in fact.
Now I'm going to go sprits myself with Skinnygirl's sangria and wait for Chadly to finish up his football draft tomfoolery. Oh yeah, it's that time of year again. 

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  1. so cute...i love the football tomfoolery..i know hubby is excited beyond relief!!


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