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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

At home

Heehee ho ho, these pictures are so the type where both the babes would ask "Mom! What was I doing there? I look ridiculous!" in about 15 years (see below - muhahahaha!).

Anyhoo, today I'd like to say that it's the first time I've felt totally cool leaving the house in a very messy state. You know whenever you move in somewhere and you don't want to leave one SOCK out of place? It's like your eyeballs will explode if you see a shoelace hanging out of the closet door? Everything just has to be perfect because you just moved into a perfectly clean, white, blank place with all the potential in the world? Well today was the day where I broke that law, leaving our bed undone, the laundry all over the living room floor (folded though, thank you very much! Monday night ritual - trash TV and folding while Chad's at hockey. Woohoo!) and our oatmeal bowls a-yuck. This means it's real living time in this here new place, and it feels good.

We're at home here!

It's so gosh darn nice. :) I will try to never take for granted the sensation of feeling secure and calm - it frees you up to do fun things like take the babes to Disneyland after picking up Carts from preschool, and letting Kota put on her Tinkerbell shirt OVER the cute outfit I had already picked out for her. Peace of mind = fun mom. Fun mom = happy kids. Happy kids = giggly maniacs.

Life is nice, my friend, life is nice. 

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