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Monday, November 18, 2013

Moving and preschool and commutes, oh my :)

  Well gosh darnit, wouldn't you know it, my babies are turning 4 and 2 next month. I mean, what the hay? Don't they know that life is not supposed to progress past toddlerhood? Carter is going to be a full-on man-child! 

At least we've had a few adorable things going on around here to commemorate babyhood and all it's wonderfulness. Here's what's been going on around these parts:

- The computer has been fixed! It crashed sometime during the Summer, so since then I've been doing everything on my phone or iPad - not ideal. It has pretty much been no fun when dealing with anything work related, but all that is now behind us! Now we have our beautiful desk top back sitting upon it's fabulous new mini desk. Quite the exciting event. :)

- We moved THANK GOODNESS! Up until about a week and a half ago we had been living in the Lake Forest neck of the woods, but now that is over. We never really loved living in the big LF, so when we got a horrible roach infestation (puke!) we picked up and left, breaking our lease (amicably, another thank goodness). Now we reside in the big LR - Ladera Ranch! We figured that for our final bout of renting we might as well do it in style - hello water parks! Hello 100,000,000 parks around every corner! Hello a quadrillion children living within a 10 mile radius! So far it has been glorious.

- Carter is still loving preschool and it's been awesome. I recently had his parent teacher meeting and the child is doing wonderfully! He has lots to say, participates vigorously and loves the "toy" section, but sort of skips town when Mrs. Gimby says it's clean up time! A child after my own heart I say! Anyway, big dude is doing great!
 - Kota bear has been getting her molars in over the last few days - boo! She's SO fussy, I can't even believe it. She's my little Tuesday/Thursday Stroller Strides buddy, my boot baby and Carter's "hey Kota, it's okay, you don't need to cry," side kick. It's so adorable, I tell you! Baby girl has the biggest personality, follows her brother everywhere and basically kills me when she asks for me to put her hair up in a pony tail. The best!

- Chad's new commute since moving to the LR has pretty much sucked, but hey! He says that if that's the only con then no big deal. I know, he's the bomb. The lovah man is hands down the most awesome, especially when he's stringing Christmas lights around our two windows. :) 
- I really don't think Disneyland could be any larger part of our lives than it already is. I mean, thank goodness for that place! It's fun for all, especially when the babes get mad at us for pulling them on Pirates of the Caribbean AGAIN. What can we say? It's a blast and that's the end of it.

- Stroller Strides is going great, but it must be documented that I had a crazy bit of burnt-out-itis over the Summer months and into the Fall. It's so great to be busy, but truly it zapped me. Since the move has happened and we're all a lot happier where we are, I can feel myself getting back in the game, but sheesh, that was no fun. Everyday I had this terrible feeling like I wasn't doing all that I could to be awesome, but I just couldn't help it! Prayers and prayers for invigoration is coming from this lady daily - and lots of coffee drinking (from our new single cup device! Woohoo!). 
With our computer sitting newly upon it's pretty desk in the living room (a big change from the office we had in LF), I can already feel the babes' glaring stares. These two HATE it when I use technology! It's been a truth since the day Carter was born - how do other people use the computer when their children are around?! Anyhoo, that being said, it's time for me to get back to laundry and grape-cutting. :)

Oh and cheering Kota up after her throwing a mini fit after she woke up from her nap. And making sure Carter doesn't tear apart the make-shift coffee table/wicker trunk with his feet as he idly watches the iPad. And change Kota's diaper. And give Carter a big hug for giving his sister her grapes. And give Kota a big hug for being a doll. And then give Carter another hug. :)

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