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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013!

 T Day 2013! What a great year. We spent the morning in Huntington Beach at Chad's mom's awesome new pad, and then finished off the day at my sister's house (right next to our place - hey hey, short commute!). There was so much gosh darn amazing food it was outrageous, leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude directed towards Bear's culinary education (woohoo for us!).

Every year my mother-in-law and I make pies from scratch on T Day morning, and this year's round of apple scrumptiousness truly was the best yet. Before I married Chad, I never thought to make ANYTHING purely homemade, much less leave a big task like Thanksgiving Day dessert to something as faulty as MY kitchen intuition. But alas, almost 5 years into the whole married thing, I've found my way - and now make almost everything el naturalle. It's mainly due to things like Chadly's "I can't believe you would make THAT from a box" opinions, and Cheryl's knowledge-o-scratch-makin', but I'd like to think it's because I figured it out on my own. ;)
Uh, this was my BANOFFEE pie - bananas and toffee! Thanks, Bon Appetit!
My first apple pie with a crumb topping - deliciouso!
 And then when we made it home and Chadly changed into his comfy clothes, I realized we hadn't taken ONE family picture! So out came my trusty Reb and we got to clicking...
 But we...
 just couldn't...
 get it...
Oh how I love them :) :)

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