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Friday, July 17, 2015

Fun Fridays

Fun Friday has been a thing around here ever since I got word that my sister's family celebrates it religiously. It's just a gosh darn nice way to start off the weekend, especially when as a stay at home mom, a good ol' Friday can feel like a whole lot of blah. We've all become pretty obsessed with it, and somehow the kids know when it's Friday. This morning Carter woke up and said, "it's Fun Friday, right?" Ummmm, yeah, how did you know that?
^^^Snow, just biting his leg.

Anyway, on this day, all things are possible. Doughnuts? Yes! Messing up the house for hours and hours and hours? Yeah! Staying up a little late to watch the end of a movie? Sure! Mommy and Daddy having a glass of wine before the kids' bedtime (when we're not doing Whole30)? Heck to the yeah! It's a wondrous 24 hours.

It gives me a break too. Kids getting a little too rowdy in public? Hey, it's Fun Friday. Spending a bit too much gas money to drive down to the water park in Ladera? Why not, it's Fun Friday! Taylor Swift on extra EXTRA blast? Fun Friday, man! So I guess in a way it's become a sort of cop out to parental responsibility, but it's gosh darn fun and we all love it!

Today's Fun Friday has been a great one so far. We woke up, ate a grand ol' breakfast of eggs and a banana for Chad and I and then Life cereal for the kiddos, then we took Snow on a loooooooooong walk where we discovered a fab coffee and tea house on the grounds of the church behind us. Then we came home to a large dose of tootsie rolls for my little multi-mile roller blader and his sister, the chick who held his blades after he rode for so long blisters appeared. It's Fun Friday! Tootsie rolls all around!
^^^Cuties at Costco.

Next we went to the library and now it's quiet time. It's a heck of a lot of fun! But anyway, I randomly want to remember these things about regular life, so here's a nice list:

* Carter, Kota and Chad can all sleep without blankets. Who can do that? I find all three of them just hanging out on a mattress dead asleep. They don't even try to put it on them in the beginning and kick it off once they get hot. Weirdos! All the blankets for me!

* The kids now call Hobby Lobby "Hobs Lobs." Clearly we've been there a few times.

* I really want to teach Carter to read, or at least get the hang of "sounding it out," over the next few weeks/months. I know he'll be doing a lot of that in kinder, so it's not like I'm being too crazy, but I think that would be awesome! We've started a little book and so far he's doing good! I hope he really catches on and starts to stake out reads for himself. Fun fact: I didn't know how to read until 1st grade. I even had to go to a lady named Mrs. James with all of the rest of the non-readers! Hahaha! I remember having to read this paragraph out loud in class as a little 6 year old, doing terribly, then my teacher writing my name down on a list, then sending me to Mrs. James! Somehow I wasn't scarred from the experience, although that does sound pretty scar-worthy now that I think about it. Chad's so lucky he married an ahead-of-the-curve woman.

* Carter is starting school in less than a month. What. On. Earth. The time is approaching and I feel great about it! I remember when we first moved to C Town I told Chad that we should put the house back on the market in March of 2016, that way Carter could finish up his year of kindergarten and we could high tail it back to the motherland. Yeah... no. Now that my big man is officially beginning the rest of his life, there ain't no way mama's going to be distracted. I'm so proud of him and can't wait to watch him flourish.

* Kota's hair is still a mass of unruliness. She has her first hair cut scheduled next Saturday! 3.5 years later and I'm finally okay with the chop.

* Snow is doing so good on his leash. The dude walks alongside of me like a pro now. The pride I feel about that is unreal. I think I birthed him myself.

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