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Friday, June 24, 2016

The post which turned into the BABY LIST recording

What on earth has been going on up in here? Growing a baby, hockey, dance, gymnastics, extensive snapchat stories (nicole-cisneros hey-o! I'm pretty sure at this point no humans read this blog unless they're my buddies), dog beach visits... I mean, it's been a lot - and we're just 3 weeks into summer! Glorious! I have nothing of substance to write about, which again, end up being my favorite type of posts in the future. So what have we been doinnnnnnnng....
Well, right now I'm typing upon a new, farmhouse-esque desk/side table/hopefully make-up vanity which rests on Chad's side of the bed. Constructing this 20x43x31" wooden cuteness was on our "19 Weeks Until Baby" to-do list, and thus has been made.

We created the list when I was (obviously) 21 weeks preggo and let me tell YOU, it has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE! I can't live a single day now without doing at least a LITTLE bit which will contribute to checking SOMETHING off The List. It's become an imperative part of my life. The original list held 17 things (so doable!), but now she boasts 21 to-do's. We keep adding things! And the original 18 things were very broad (read: lighting in house). Okay, there were 5 rooms which needed lighting! So now, each bullet point houses several sub-bullet points. For example, under "curtains," there is now family room curtains, living room curtains, kids' room curtains and nursery curtains. We've checked off "family room curtains" and "kids' room curtains," but are a far cry from checking off the master "curtains" bullet point! I MEAN!!!!!!

And the reason I even made this farmhouse-esque desk in the first place, which originally was one of our last priorities on The list, was because we HAD to finish out the kids' room which NEEDED the dresser that used to be Chad's nightstand. So in my brain, to finish the kids' room, we had to move Chad's side table dresser, which meant I had to make the table in order to finish off the wonderfulness that is the kids' room but also not leave Chad's side of the bed high and dry. So there are at least two bullet points that we've been able to check off because they were intertwined, if not become psychotic over!!!!!! It's like a massive, person-who-enjoys-checklists wonderland of amazingness, even if it IS a bit of a demanding list (now) - aka slave-driver-esque. A sick part of me loves it!

So right now, I'm working on the new nursery. I feel as if I MUST do the nursery next because we have all of the materials needed sitting in the garage. In order to finish out the nursery, I'll be able to install the curtains in there, which will lead to a big fat CHECK MARK under the "curtains" sub-bullet point, "nursery room curtains!" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HOLY SHEET! I'M JUST NOW REALIZING THAT I'M A MONSTER!

But on the real, there's a secret thing that I haven't added to the list but is very much alive in my nesting brain. If I add it onto the list, Chad will see it and be like, "Nicole, come on. Get a grip. We are not doing THAT. Talk about unnecessary." But I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY MIND!!! Want to hear it?! Okay! So over several weeks while Chad is at work (HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH, LISTEN TO ME!) I'm going to be making small trips to Home Depot to purchase very cheap 1x1"x12' boards which I will cut up using our new miter saw. Then (!!!!) I will create a GIGANTIC herringbone headboard for our master bedroom. I love our "headboard" which used to be our former kitchen table, but it drives my eye crazy that it's narrower than our Cal King. Apparently, our headboard MUST be the same width as our mattress or I simply won't be able to handle it. So yes. There's my secret project. I'm trying to force myself not to start on this psychotic endeavor until all of the other List items have been completed but.... clearly the nesting mind is an irrational one.

So because this blog is a magic space where once things are typed out and published they become a reality, I have to record our "19 Weeks Until Baby" list! Here goes!!!!

1. Curtains in house
   - family room CHECKED
   - living room
   - kids' room CHECKED
   - nursery

2. Rocker / glider

3. Crib

4. Heart monitor for baby

5. Pump

6. Baby shower / register

7. Older kids' room do-over CHECKED

8. Nursery

9. Vanity/desk/side table for Chad CHECKED

10. Lighting in house
   - family CHECKED, living, kids', nursery (all sub-bullet points! Bahahaha omg.)

11. Pantry organization (sliding shelves?)

12. School shopping for kids (clothes and supplies)

13. Bathroom fan maintenance

14. Kid swing for patio

15. Postpartum shopping for myself

16. Ergo baby carriet

17 WISHLIST ITEM: new carpets (probably not going to happen)

18. Ship lap fireplace CHECKED

19. More clothing hangers for all

20. Car maintenance (this was originally just for the Volvo, but this may be Mitzi's last summer with us. Tear! She's been so good to us, the ol' girl.)

21. Bass Lake trip organization

So you see! A bunch. 18-21 have been added on since the original creation. The baby-centered products are all things I don't think people will (or should have to) get for little ol' us. All wonderful. Now I'm going to go finish priming baby boo boo's nursery. Ta-ta!

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